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    I have a photo of my grandfather who was a driver in the 8th Army 552 RASC. He was there between 7/3/42 and embarking from Alex 17.11.43. He took his Driver Class 3 in the UK but then according to his Service Book he passed his T.T Driver Class 3 M.E.F. on 25/3.42. (after he arrived in the Middle East). Would this have been to deal with the terrain and driving conditions there does anyone know. He was awarded the Africa Star and Eighth Army Clasp. His name was Francis Bernard Jones and his friend throughout the war was a chap from Liverpool called Johnny Beggs. Its a long shot but wondered if anyone knows who the others are on this photo taken in the desert. Francis is on the back row far left his friend Johnny is next to him (both 552 coy). The guy in the middle at the front looks the most highly ranked. The back row far right looks like he is from a Indian coy and the front far right maybe a padre. Thank you so much. Maxine

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