5th Northants part in Italy campaign.

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    I am new to the site am interested in the 5th Northants part in the italy campaign. I have heard the names of cassino and sangro mentioned but any information on their part in Italy would be appreciated.
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    5 NORTHANTS were part of 78 Infantry Division at Cassino - for the end phase of the Third Battle in Mar 44 and the whole of the Fourth Battle in May 44.

    They were in II (NZ) Corps for the Third Battle and in XIII (BR) Corps for the Fourth Battle. For the Fourth Battle, XIII (BR) Corps has two Divisions in the initial attack - 8 Indian Division and 4 Infantry Division and then, when they ran out of steam, 78 Infantry Division was pushed through to take up the lead for the attack on Aquino.

    78 Infantry Division has been on the Sangro on the Adriatic side of Italy in Nov and Dec 43 bug has them been shifted over to the Cassino side in Feb 44.

    I am out at Cassino guiding a group on 17-20 May 18 if you would like to see 5 NORTHANTS in greater detail.


  4. Martin Helmore

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    Thanks for the information. I will try to get out to cassino one day soon. The men and boys who were out there throughout were in some ways a forgotten army I have read Algiers to Austria but if you know of anything more personal about what they went through I would appreciate it.
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    When you get your copy of "Battleaxe" you will learn a bit more about Cassino.

    In the meantime have a glimpse of this posting I once made on the BBC's People's War Archives which will give you a a little idea of what it was like at the time.
    BBC - WW2 People's War - Return to Cassino
    or perhaps this thread, originally started by dear Gerry Chester who i once had the pleasure of meeting long after the war.

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    Thank you for the link. Whilst searching for battle xe I was able to locate a copy of jervois history of the northamptonshire regiment which I too hope will give further detail to what happened.
    We all owe you and those d day dodgers who remain in Italy a debt of gratitude thank you

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