6099827 L/Cpl George James GATTY, 1st Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment): KIA 13 April 1945

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    I have just discovered that 6099827 Lance Corporal George James Gatty, killed at Argenta Gap on 13 April 1945, was my relative, a cousin. This weekend I did a search on the CWGC site for my surname, also Gatty, and seven names came up. I hadn’t done this before as I hadn’t really expected anyone with my name to be there, it not being that common. No logic to that really.


    I think the CWGC has his age (32) wrong as his baptism record on Ancestry clearly says he was born in December 1913, which surely means he was still only 31 when he died. That’s another issue, of course, but having looked at the thread on amending CWGC records I’m not sure they would act upon what I say anyway given I am not immediate family and/or have no official documentation to support being a relative.

    His recruitment roll of 17 July 1940 is, according to Ancestry, that of the Queens Royal (West Surrey) Regiment. I think that the “L A.A.” stamped on his entry, presumably from 1 December 1941 to 22 August 1944, suggest he was part of a Light Anti-Aircraft unit, which I presume would be the 99th LAA Regiment?

    The two handwritten entries suggest he was transferred back to the West Surreys on 22 August ‘44 and then to the Buffs on 12 December’44. Would this be a correct assumption?


    I intend to request his service records once the current situation has eased, so it is pretty much guesswork right now from reading some of the threads on here.

    I strongly suspect that George was killed in the action on Lake Comacchio but, again, at the moment I can only guess at that.

    I do not know much about the Argenta Gap battle or, indeed, his Regiment(s) but will have a browse here and also seek out some good books on the battle, especially by anyone who actually participated.

    I would also very much like to visit his headstone one day and pay my respects to him and to his comrades. As I am not able to do this for now, is there any member here who has visited the Argenta Gap Cemetery and perhaps has a photo of his burial place? Unlikely, but you never know.

    CWGC also revealed another cousin I never knew I had, Able Seaman William Ernest Gatty who served on HMS Encounter. Sadly he died as a prisoner of the Japanese in 1945, but that is for another thread. The “Encounter” story and the rescue of her crew is most interesting.
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    You presume right, according to 1939-1945 Casualty lists on FMP, he was in 99 LAA Regiment, 328 Battery as he was wounded on 5 Nov 1943.


    He was one of many buffs who died that day.


    Hope this helps

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    Many thanks Gus, this is a great help, I had not seen these at all.

    Out of curiosity, would you know what the handwritten numbers mean? (Please pardon my ignorance)
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    Thanks for that link Tony, I am very grateful to you.

    On reflection, re his records, your words may be very wise!
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    For Op HONKER, the XIII (BR) Corps attack in the Liri Valley at the Fourth Battle of Cassino, 99 LAA Regt RA were allocated the task of providing smoke for the two assaulting Divisions - 8 Indian Division left and 4 Infantry Division right. With very little threat from the air, their LAA role was deemed less important.

    They deployed masses of smoke cannisters on the banks of the River Rapido/Gari on the night of 11 May 44 and kept them going for 9 days. The risks were immense because they sat on the near bank right in front of the Germans who were keen to get rid of them so that they could see what the British were up to.

    If you would like the whole story, do say. Equally, I have a chum whose father served in 328 Bty at the time. If you want to link up, I can sort that. He has loads of photos of their time in Italy.


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    The handwritten stuff is amendments or corrections. In this case they were changed from KIA to DOW.

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    Thanks again Gus.
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    I would love to hear the whole story Frank, many thanks for the offer.

    Seeing the photos of 328 Battery would also be an excellent opportunity. I have messaged you in this respect.
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    :poppy: Remembered with honour, he and his fallen mates and comrades, today and always.

    78929562-F448-4FCE-90E3-5D7FD93F374B.jpeg 5701F614-6F6F-47C5-BB13-800F51EAD435.jpeg
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