76th HAA Regt RA, (236, 237, and 349 Batteries)

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    Definitely not RSM - his rank badge is crown, which is BSM. I have a strong recollection of having come across his name in the battery before. Will need to give that some thought! What rank was your grandfather?
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    I've just been going through my grandfather's (typed) memoirs and although he doesn't mention John Kemp he does talk about working in BHQ after victory in Tunis before going to Sicily. He was a sergeant at the time.

    In his memoirs, my grandfather refers to the man as C Troop Sergeant Major Raymond Du Camp and it sound like the two of them got on well as they'd both been in since the start of the war and had a number of trips together.

    I've recorded all the names found in his memoirs and if they mean anything to anyone, I can expand on their details: Sgt John Groves, John Davenport, 'A diminutive cockney "Charman", "Taffy" Tucker, Doug Brown, Bert Cox, 'Badgey' Butler (previously a bugler), Maurice Gumpright, Bill Maule, Tony Masters, BQMS Freddie Clarke (ex Wills Tobacco), BMO Freddie Pike, BQMS Eric Jones (from 236) Graham Tippets, Bob Murley, George Lawrence, Joe Walton, Hugh Cobbett, Jack Holt, Harry Deverall, Donald Parsons, O.C. Major Chapman.
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    If you go back on this thread to November 2014, you will find photos of some members of 237 battery, C troop, as posted by Andy Maule, whose father was in the 237/76. The one dated October 1943, includes:
    Back row left to right: Sgt. Maule; Sgt. Hale; Sgt. Larcombe; Sgt. du Kamp.
    Front row left to right: Sgt. Anthill; Sgt. Kenway; Sgt. Tippett ;Sgt. Witt.
    So it would seem Du Kamp was promoted after this date to BSM. Some of the names in your list are in this photo. Of the names you mention, I recognise Eric Jones, and Bob Murley, and Major Chapman.
    It's interesting that you mention Wills Tobacco, as it seems quite a number of recruits had worked there, some being in 236/76th as well. 238/76th became an independent battery (I've not followed up what happened to them), and was replaced by the cadre battery 349/76th after they had been trained, this being by others including John Kemp (who had been in the TA prior to the war) after he was transferred from 282/88 to the training regiments at Arborfield. He stayed with the battery when it returned to 76th in Bristol.
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    The reference to Eric Jones is that during the Bari raid, he was in 236 BHQ and had just put the bar across the blackout shutters and sat down when the shutters were blown across the room and marked the opposite therefore having a very lucky escape. Bob Murley was on a trip with my grandfather to Naples when Vesuvius was erupting and they were taken up to the slopes to see the lava flow. The following day they were given a guided tour of Pompeii by a visiting professor who was delighted by the whip round that they had for him.The references to Major Chapman is him asking my grandfather to write a piece for a daily news sheet that two men produced call the Daily Round (my grandfather mentions possessing a bound copy of many sheets but I don't think we still have it). The other reference is that a young officer was clearing mines from the beach at Viareggio and when they'd got a number they piled them up and set them off which took the glass out of all the houses where they were billeted. Major Chapman asked him to "go and make his bangs elsewhere".

    That's interesting about the message from Andy Maule, thanks and to see some of the men mentioned.

    Similarly, my grandfather was at Wills before the war (and returned to Imperial until retirement) and said he joined the 76th along with others quite a few other Wills men.
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    I've also found these two photos which unfortunately don't have any comments with them but I guess would be at Portbury as my grandfather (second from right in 5 and far right in 9) is a Lance Bombardier.

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    Very proudly showing off his stripe! That looks like du Kamp in the doorway.

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