78th division final offensive in italy (maps)

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  1. sanchez

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    Ive recently bought a book published just after the war and it has 8 maps which may be of interest to anyone interested in the 78th division or italian campaign .
    dave 20160318_115429(1).jpg 20160318_115526(1).jpg 20160318_115714(1).jpg 20160318_115958(1).jpg 20160318_120129(1).jpg 20160318_120313(1).jpg 20160318_120357(1).jpg 20160318_120502(1).jpg 20160318_120546(1).jpg
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    Great find. Thanks for posting

  3. Tom Canning

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    that's a bit of a giggle inasmuch as there is NO mention of 6th A.D. which cut off theGermans from the RIVER PO and virtually ceased the campaign at a village - appropriately named as FINALE...


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