7th Hussars in Egypt 1935 - 1941

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    My Grandfather Clifford Ernest Spilman was in the 7th Hussars A Squadron, he was sent to Egypt in September 1935 and captured at Sidi Rezegh November 1941.

    I'm looking for information about two things but I welcome ALL input if this is a topic you are knowledgable on.

    1) He describes (in his memoirs) the barracks in Abbassia as both 'Abdul Moniec' and 'Abdul Moniem' barracks. Do you know if either of these is correct? It was next to the riding school and close to the Egyptian Army barracks apparently.

    2) A couple of times he talks about visiting the 'Pink Palace' but I can't find anything about it. He said it was 50miles (I think this could be an exaggeration) outside Cairo. Here is a quote:

    "I think I mentioned the Pink Palace, well that had been a lovely place years ago but what was left was stunning, the harem rooms were still there but the roofs had gone. The water they used was brought from Cairo daily by camels. The well they kept their water in was, as we found out when we went down it, to be lined with Alabaster and apart from the sand that has blown in, it was real shiny down the well. Their food was also brought in by camel train but to stand and look at it you could picture what a lovely building it must have been when it was first built and people lived there."

    Like I say any information would be greatly appreciated.


    Jordan Spilman
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    Hello Jordan
    Have you applied for his service records

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    Hi Clive,

    Yeah I got a hold of those but perhaps I should take a closer look at them? Would it say the name of the barracks on there? Thanks for the tip!

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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Hello Jordan

    if you could upload the records I am sure forum members will be able to assist you further.
    Also there are forum members who copy war diaries from Kew at a very reasonable rate this may well give you more info.

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    One of our members created and runs this site - The Crusader Project - which may or may not have references to your questions.

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    Thank you for the advice! I will check that out too. Much appreciated.

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