8th Armoured Brigade - Serial Numbers of Units

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  1. Little Black Devil

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    I am seeking information about the 8th Armoured Brigade, I'd like to complete the Serial Numbers of the following units :

    -Brigade HQ : 19011
    -4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards :
    -24th Lancers :
    -Sherwood Rangers Yeo :
    -552nd Coy RASC : 56681
    -168th Field Amb RAMC :
    -Essex Yeomanry :

    Thanks very much.
  2. SDP

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    If you do a google image search for "8th Armoured Brigade", you will find a coloured diagram of nearly all the information you require.
    A normal Google search will provide the wiki page which shows the other units attached to the Brigade albeit not with their serial numbers.

    Note: apologies that I can't upload or link to images at the moment.
  3. Little Black Devil

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    Hi SDP,
    I already have the unit serials for vehs, here I look for the 5 figures numbers assigned to each units, like the one I published on the first place.
    Do you see what I mean?
  4. This number is called the Unit Mobilisation Serial Number, unique to each unit across the Allied forces.

    HQ 8 Armd Bde - 19011
    4/7 DG - 1226
    24 L - 29967
    NOTTS YEO - 19009
    168 Lt Fd Amb - 19051
    147 Fd Regt SP - 23666

    All the above from the GOLD Landing Tables, available online here (menu on the left):

    552 Coy RASC is not mentioned though, but you already have its Mob Serial Number.

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  5. Swiper

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    The Field Force Index Serial Numbers?


    Unfortunately they are not in a describable order, although I have a pulled a number of units ones together, I haven't yet got round to 8 Armoured Brigade.
  6. That might be THE list for all Unit Serials! Could you post one example of a page?

    Thanks in advance,

  7. SDP

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    Now understood! Thanks for the clarification of what you were asking.

    In the meantime Michel has already answered with information included in the Gold Beach Landing Tables. You also need the number for 12KRRC who landed some time later as part of the build up forces so therefore not included in these early Landing Tables.
  8. Little Black Devil

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    Yes, you're right. I forgot the 12th KRRC.
    I am still looking for Company pictures before D-Day or portraits about this battalion… Where could I find them?
    Is there a Regimental museum which might have gathered all the unit documents…
  9. Drew5233

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    Possibly 12th Battalion with them being Mechanised ??
    Mechanised column of The King's Royal Rifle Corps moving cross-country during a military exercise.
  10. Swiper

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  11. Yes! This does look like THE List of all (British only?) Mob Serial Numbers! This is an absolutely FANTASTIC find, because on all photos of vehicles where the loading code is visible the Unit can thus be identified with certainty, even if the other markings are not visible !

    WO 33/2226 looks like the same list sorted by Arms instead of by Serial No.:

    Plus more Amendments files than original Lists. Would have been too simple otherwise...

    Is there any selfless soul out there who possesses all those TNA files (WO 2223 to 2239) and is willing to compile them into a Final List including all Amendments??

    This could be a team job too... With a good OCR followed by careful check this should not take more than ??? days/weeks/months/years to complete (depending on how many we are to share the workload).

  12. Little Black Devil

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    Yes Drew, I'm looking for pictures of the 12th Bn. KRRC in 1944, before D-Day and during Battle of Normandy.
    I'd like to be sure of the insignias and titles they wore on their sleeves.
  13. Maxine Smith

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    Hi am really new to all this . And this might not mean anything. I have just started my research over the last couple of days. My grand father was in 552 Coy RASC. I did a search of 552 and this page came up. I have a picture of my grandfather Francis Jones stood in front of his vehicle you can only see the last two numbers on his vehicle but they are 81. The photos not that great as it has been taken of Francis. I have only just joined the WW2 Talk and I am very inexperienced. If you would like to see the photo just let me know. Thank you. Maxine ps. maybe you could let me know what the vehicle is. I am trying to put something together about Francis.
  14. SDP

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    Welcome to the Forum. Please post the photo.

    Note: if you haven't done that before, ensure the photo image is less than 2MB before you attempt an upload. You may also have issues if you are using an iPad if my own experience is anything to go by. Uploading in simple - you just click on the 'Upload a File' button and follow your instincts.

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