8th Rifle Brigade vehicle markings

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    Done, new schedule and photo of H Coy carrier added to web-page (not fb page... :)).

    Vehicle markings - update 01.jpg
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    Hi Michel,

    How did you know this, about the H Coy vertical bar? You got it right, but wondering where you found it. Did you also find this in this Hodges & Taylor book, or elsewhere?


  3. I first knew of the vertical bar as the fourth squadron of a tank or recce regt (when there was a fourth squadron) I think in Steelmasters magazine no.13 back in 1996. As for its applying to the fourth company in a Motor Battalion as well, I can't remember when nor where, but probably much more recently, when I started looking at its organisation. Both are indeed mentioned in Hodges & Taylor (pages 25 & 121 resp.)

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