A brief history of the Civil Defence Service

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    The Civil Defence Service was a civilian volunteer organisation established in Great Britain by the Home Office in 1935. In 1941, during World War II, the use of Civil Defence replaced the pre-existing Air Raid Precautions (ARP). The Civil Defence Service included the pre-existing ARP as well as wardens, firemen (initially the Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) and latterly the National Fire Service (NFS)), fire watchers, rescue, first aid post, stretcher party and industry. Over 1.9 million people served within the CD and nearly 2,400 lost their lives to enemy action.

    Civil Defence Service - Wikipedia
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    Have today, in a boot sale with other HMSO books, picked up " Front Line 1940-41" Official Story of the Civil Defence of Britain which I look forward to reading along with the link to the civildefenceassociation pdf.
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    I just mentioned today that a Civil Defence type group in each council district would be a great asset to the nation especially in the light of the tragic tower block fire. The massive support and help from individuals and groups shows that people are willing to volunteer. A dedicated group, trained to cope with a local crisis would also take some strain away from the emergency services and be able to quickly assess and coordinate needs. I believe that the Isle of Man still had a Civil Defence group. My aunt served in Glasgow the 50's up until it was dismantled.
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    A volume on Civil Defence was also published in the UK official history series. It seems to be one of the rarer ones but ought to be available through public libraries.
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    In 1942 I was living in a small village called Houghton Regis, some six miles from Luton, and commuting to London, Monday to Friday every week

    I was aged 18 and waiting my call-up that I knew would be any time after my 19th Birthday in August the same year.

    I decided to join the Civil Defence and became an Air Raid Warden in the village, carrying out my duties twice a week in the local scouts hut.

    After the war I tried to obtain details regarding my service from Luton but was told that no records existed of the war years.

    If anyone can help me obtain this info I would be much obliged.


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