A Carrier not with a Bren gun?

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    The photo below has just appeared on Twitter, added by John Duncan @Newbattleatwar the text is rather general:
    The other photos are a mix, no date or location.

    I am intrigued as the Bren Carrier appears to have a Lewis gun mounted.

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  2. Gary Kennedy

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    I'll risk embarrassing myself with a guess!

    The officer standing second from the left appears to be wearing a Polish uniform, and the chap to his left is not giving a British salute I think, so at a guess this is a photo of Polish troops in the UK - it's got a look of 1940-41 to my eyes at least. That might explain why they are using second line equipment rather than the usual Bren.

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    Whole series of those photos , including the one in post #1 , here.

    Newbattle at War
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