A Dutch scout at Arnhem.

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    Hmmm, not sure about this, never heard of the guy, and find it a little strange that for the arnhem part no names are mentioned, specially not from the officer with whom he escaped.
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    Great page VP! Seems to give a good account of life in occupied Holland.
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    Maybe but I don't trust Wiki for a moment specialy when it turned out last year that one of the sons of Queen Beatrix and his wife altered information on it about her past that she had something to do with a big drug dealer a few years back which gave quite a row over here
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    One Scouting book mentions a Dutch scout who observed demolition charges on bridges whilst drifting downstream in a boat. It is suggested that he sabotaged the bridge explosives, thus causing the bridge to remain intact during Market Garden, but was then killed at some point during the fighting so the story could not be confirmed. Sorry I can't be more specific.
    I also recall reading the biography of a Luftwaffe fighter pilot who had been a keen Scout before the war. He recalled a joint camp with the Hitler Youth which ended in a large fight, and the movement was banned soon afterwards.
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    Order of the bronze beaver says it all.....;-)
    In the Dutch National archives there is an part called "Ordedienst" i will see in the future if i can find anything.
    Not really my biggest interest wich is fortifications but......worth a try.

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