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    Not entirely sure if this is the right place in the Forum for this,but as it's linked to my Liberated POW's posting,i'll put it here.

    I have finally finished going through the contents of the suitcase and Charlie's things.It's a postcard from the family who put Charlie up towards the end of his stay in the US.It's dated March 1946 by this time Charlie would have been back home about 4/5 months.

    I think it's a nice little personnel reminder of his stay in the US,after what would have been a traumatic time for him.

    Steven :)

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    The front of the postcard is of fresh oranges.Fresh fruit was probably something very sadly lacking from a POW'S diet.Also rather scarce once he got back to the UK,due to rationing.

    Steven :unsure:
  3. Ali Hollington

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    Florida was obviously popular as a holiday destination even before Mickey made his mark.

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    Yes some things never change,except for the arrival of Mickey and Co !!

    Steven :P

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