A Squadron, 8 Kings Royal Irish Hussars. June 1944

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    I am trying to confirm in which A Sqn Troop (8KRIH) Cpl Alan Howard served immediately and during Villers Bocage/ Brigade Box around 12-15 June 1944.
    He certainly served with Bill Bellamy in 3 Troop from around 19 June, and Bellamy’s book indicates that Cpl Howard was a survivor from 3 Troop’s action on 12 June. However, I have some personal records, and a photo taken just before departure for Normandy that indicate he was in 4 Troop. I have other Troop photos, also from May 1944, which seem to be at odds with some of the war diary details of who was in, and who was leading each Troop!
    I know it is a bit of fine detail but any help or info anyone can offer would be hugely appreciated.

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