A Treasure Trove. Can you help fill the gaps?

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    There was evidently time for entertainment & for sports.

    1. Is a photo of a sketch performed by members of 7th Armd Wksp at a Christmas concert in 1947

    2 Football was hugely popular & Dad took a huge pride in the success of the teams which represented his Wksps. He has noted the names of most of the players in this 8 Lt Wksp team:
    L to R. back row **? Duell, Hardyman, McCudden, McGarr, Mellin Cook **?
    front row Davis, Aries, Self, Hobday, Husband, Cracknell, Hunt.

    3. Difficult to see the detail here, but he captioned the photo 'The first of many of 7 Armd Wksp Victories. Rhine Army Cup Winners 1948. Broadcast on BFN [British Forces Network] by our old friend Sqn Ldr Cliff Michelmore.'

    7 Armd Wksp Xmas 1947.jpg 8 Lt Wksp Football.jpg Rhine Army cup 1848.jpg
  2. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    It appears that the barracks shown for the VE parade are not Harewood Barracks but the research will go on...
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    Thanks for your continuing efforts to identify the location of the parade, Historic Steve; it seems to be eluding everyone's best efforts at the moment!

    Dad evidently managed to travel about quite a bit in the early post-war months. He went on leave to Paris in 1945 and his albums include the usual ‘tourist’ photos of the Eiffel Tower etc.

    In 1946 he went to Berlin & photos 1 & 2 are of the burnt out Reichstag building and the newly erected Russian Memorial (which I think is in the Tiergarten.)

    There was a family trip to view the Möhne Dam in the same year - soon after my Mum and sister arrived in the September and photos 3 & 4 show the breached dam and another shot taken at the top of the remains of the dam, with the anti-bomb netting still in place.

    Reichstag, Berlin 1946.jpg Russian Memorial Berlin 1946 Tiergarten.jpg Möhne Dam 1946.jpg Möhne Dam with anti-bomb nets still in place.jpg
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    Today's offerings

    1. Officers' Mess, Milse 1946

    2. Hitler's bunker - not sure when Dad took this one

    3. He took a number of pictures of pretty villages en route to Nuremburg including this one 'with Capt. Jock Stirling who ran my detachment responsible for maintenance of transport and Comm. of Br. Staff Int. Mil Tribunal Nuremburg trials.'
    The punctuation makes in unclear if Jock Stirling was Comm of Br. Staff - or whether there was another officer travelling with them. Maybe somebody can enlighten me!

    3. Nuremburg

    Officers' Mess , Milse 1946.jpg
    Hitler's bunker.jpg
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    Hello Jane, I hope that you are still monitoring this thread or that you get notifications of new entries.
    My dad was posted to 176 Infantry Brigade/59th Div as a craftsman 16/10/1943 and stayed with them until he was demobbed in December 1946.
    He spent a lot of time in Oppenwehe and I have a few of the same photographs (and more),that you have posted.I think it must be a certainty that your dad was my dads commanding officer. I hope this message makes it to you so that we can talk some more.
    Many thanks, Jim.
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    Not been on forum since Jan this year
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    Hi Janeh,

    both Openwehe and Diepholz are pretty close to Hannover, my old home town.
    The two places are only some 25 to 30Km apart.

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