A Tribute To Women 1945: British Pathe film

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    Several shots of the British servicemen receiving medals by King George VI. Several shots of American servicemen receiving medals. Several shots of Soviet servicemen receiving medals from Marshal Zhukov.

    Close up shots of the Evening News, the Star and the Evening Standard revealing headlines about large numbers of servicemen receiving medals for their efforts and bravery.

    Woman walking along platform, soldier's wife, waiting for her man to return home. Various 'flashback' shots of man and woman hearing the news on the radio about start of the war. Woman and man holding hands. Shot of legs and feet of men and woman walking. The feet stop as the couple says goodbye. Woman's feet stay alone for the moment, then move back into house. Woman sitting in front of fire, fire burning. She holds husbands pipe in hand, puts pipe into rack.

    Woman picks up letter from floor. Woman reading letter. Looking through window into sky - planes seen. Woman is seen taking children to Anderson shelter. Various shots of the planes dropping bombs. Woman in bed, good close up shot of her face. A cot, only toy in cot - children have left the house - probably being evacuated.

    Woman working in factory. Factory workers leaving the factory.

    Shots of a fish and poultry shop with the window empty. Woman talks to fishmonger - no fish. Butcher shop with very little meat in the window. Woman in butcher shop receiving meat and having coupons taken from ration book. Bus queue - extremely long.

    Woman pulling curtains during blackout. Woman writing letter to soldier husband. Woman wrapping up a parcel for children. Woman knitting, close up shot of the hands.

    Woman walking through countryside with children - she visits them. Good landscape shot of the countryside. Children running to their mother, playing in the field, hugging etc. Woman and children walking down country lane.

    Several shots of woman talking to neighbour and washing clothes. She hears noise and looks through the window up in sky. Some very good pictures of flying bombs. Flying through air, exploding. Bomb dropping through the ground and exploding. Woman washing and hanging out washing - as she works the planes are seen dropping bombs and parachuters.

    Drapery shop window and grocery shop window. Woman looking at her ration book trying to calculate the points. She stops on street to chat with elderly woman.

    Telegram boy delivering telegram. Good shot of railway station - name unknown. Interior of railway station, woman walking along platform. Rails at entrance to station. Train arrives at station. People walking down platform. Feet of woman and man running towards each other. Couple hugs tightly.
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    Queen Elizabeth (Queen Mother) Speaks to the Nation [Full Resolution].

    Queen Elizabeth addresses the nation at the beginning of the war in an effort to comfort the families who have been separated by the war due to total evacuation of children and the departure of men to the front.
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    good day dbf.yesterday.09:26am.re:a tribute to women 1945.brittich pathe film.a brilliant post.i was truly moved watching your link #1#2,regards bernard85
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    Good find, dbf.
    I used to take my Mum's stockings to have the ladders repaired.
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