A winter in the Abruzzo Mountains - French Expeditionary Corps - Italy (21 Nov 1943 - 3 Feb 1944)

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    Be careful or you will be spending lots of time at the Opticians as well getting those tired eyes tested

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    For those who are interested. To create this thread I used the following books:

    Hiver 1.jpg
    An excellent history of the 8th Moroccan Tirailleur Regiment, Winter of 1943/44.

    Hiver 3.jpg
    Story of the French artillery Regiments in the Italian Campaign

    Hiver 4.jpg
    A compelling narrative account of the 3rd Algerian Division's struggle for the Belvedere, though typical French: 'a bit' dramatizing and gloryfying; perhaps partly determined by the time frame it was published (1953) and the urge of the author to rehabilitate the regular French Army. I liked it very much; it contains much tacital detail. I read the 218 pages thick book in one breath.

    Hiver 5.jpg
    An excellent, objective and thorough study of the operations of the FEC in the Italian Campaign.

    Hiver 6.jpg
    Volume 4 of this series deals with the Italian Campaign; as well as with Tunesia, Sicily and Elba. This 1002 page monster contains (summaries of) the War Diaries of the Corps and Divisions involved.

    Hiver 7.jpg
    A two Volume set dealing with the operations of the FEC: vol 1, the winter campaign 1943/44; vol 2 the operations in spring and summer 1944. Objective, for French standards, and well furnished with maps.

    Juin Italie.jpg

    3rd Alg TR.jpg
    A concise history (commemorative booklet) on the 3rd Algerian Tirailleur Regiment's exploits in Italy. Has some good info.

    Gaujac Vol 2.jpg
    Good primer of the CEF operations in Italy, contains an abundance of maps and many good photographs.
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    Well done Stolpi, brilliant thread - I guess your French has improved no end. Just need to make some more book shelves now

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    Glad i did not have to copy my original copy of Colonel Goutard's book. How about showing the download i found?;)

    Share,share a like.:D

    Stu. P.s. what are the other books you are waiting for. Will i have to smash my piggy bank? Thanks for showing the huge volume 4. Nice-one.
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    Hi Stu - the following books are on the way:

    La Victoire vol 1.jpg
    History of the 3rd Algerian Tirailleur Division - Vol 1 Campaign in Italy 1943/44 ...

    La Victoire vol 2.jpg
    ... and Vol 2. France and Germany 1944/45.

    La Victoire Garigliano.jpg
    General Chambe's epic about the French break-out from the Garigliano Bridgehead - the book very much has the appearance of a comic, but it is serious military history. I read his 'Battalion of the Belvedere' and was impressed by it, a very compelling narrative which contains a lot of (tactical) detail, when you dust off the sometimes overly gloryfying layer.

    Part of Chambe's oeuvre is accessible online: L’œuvre littéraire

    Genie FEC.jpg
    The story of the Engineer Units of the F.E.C. in Italy. Bought the complete set of three (including the France & Germany campaign 1944/45).

    PS. The two volumes of the 3rd Algerian Division arrived! They ... are wonderfull!
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    CEF 13.jpg
    This really is a very useful reference book for Corps and Division. I've inserted some fragments into the thread.

    CEF 14.jpg

    CEF 12.jpg CEF 10.jpg CEF 9.jpg CEF 8.jpg CEF 7.jpg CEF 6.jpg CEF 5.jpg CEF 4.jpg CEF 3.jpg CEF 2.jpg CEF 1.jpg
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    I'm on it like fly's on s...! Not a bad price for $120 ( including shipping!) That works out @ peanuts a page. I work in pence & pounds. It will probably be a brand new copy..

    I will say that the French book sellers do not take the rise when it comes to selling books.

    I was trying to obtain more of the German Divisions in the Anzio Campaign. Thanks for leaving me in a pickle has to which i choose!:banghead:

    B.T.W. Have you seen volume 5 in this series?

    Stu.. P.S. I think Vol 5 is France & Germany?
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    Stu - I paid about half the € 120,00 that is currently asked for the book.

    I'm still saving money for Vol. 5 - part 1, which indeed is the campaign in France (southern France/ Alsace, but also Normandy/Paris with the 2nd D.B.) & Germany 1944/45.

    It comes with a separate part (Vol.5 - part 2) containing a number of fold-out maps.

    Another one on my wish-list is: "Victoire en Italie - 2me Division d'infanterie Marocaine"
    Edit: ordered a copy of the latter.
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    Well Done!
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    Another splendid one arrived today: "Victoire en Italie, 2e DIM" or the History of the 2nd Moroccan Division in the Italian Campaign.

    Victoire en Italie 2e DIM.jpg

    Though published right after the war in 1945, it is objective, at a first glance, and looks great ... full of detail, nice photographs and good maps!

    Had to sell a couple of my Arnhem books though, to purchase all of these French books, among others: Van Buggenum's 'B-Coy arrived'. No regrets ( ... yet o_O).
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    A noble sacrifice stolpi in a noble cause.

    Kind regards, always,

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    Well done you.

    Don't wind me up. I think you may well have the only copy that is for sale in Europe?

    Not jealous at all. I'm rather serious about the above. I tried for a couple of hours the other day... No joy.
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    I've been editing this 'old' thread, largely translated from French to English. The translation, or rather my English, on closer inspection did not always tum out so well.

    In the meantime for those interested: found these two sites (in French) with a lot of info on the French Army in Italy and beyond.

    Pictures: ImagesDéfense - Campagne d'Italie (1943-1944) - Afrique et bassin méditerranéen - Deuxième guerre mondiale - Chronologie - Nos collections

    Unit histories: Les tirailleurs - Les documents

    Some of the material from both sites has been newly added to the thread.
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    Two more titles added to my collection (two 'oldies'):

    3 DIA.jpg
    A collection of Intelligence summaries and maps of the GHQ 3rd Algerian Infantry Division (1942 - 1945)

    2e DIM.jpg
    "Face aux Marocains", the story of the 2nd Moroccan Infantry Division (a commemorative book published right after the war by the division, Sept 1945). Well illustrated with plenty of b/w pictures, though few maps.
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    Brigadier General Ted Roosevelt


    Brig.General Ted Roosevelt and general Juin in Italy; Ted Roosevelt (a nephew of President Roosevelt) became an US liaison officer to the French Expeditionary Corps, after his relieve as assistant divisional commander of the 1st US Infantry Division. Roosevelt left Italy in Feb 1944 to become assistant divisional commander of the 4th US Infantry Division. Despite a heart condition and arthritis that forced him to use a cane, he went ashore on D-Day on Utah beach. Ted Roosevelt's actions on D-Day are portrayed in The Longest Day, a 1962 film in which he was played by actor Henry Fonda. The movie is based on the book of the same name, published in 1959 by Cornelius Ryan.

    Ted Roosevelt died in July 1944 of an heart attack and is buried at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in Colleville-sur-Mer, Basse-Normandie Region, France, in Plot D, Row 28, Grave 45

    Theodore Roosevelt.jpg
    Photo courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/groups/598946127251965
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    You refer to an author Goutard here, though not clear which book he did. I encountered a Colonel Adolphe Goutard in my Setif research. He is possibly the former commander of the 7th Regiment Algerian Tirailleurs (7eme RTA), until April 1945. From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7th_Algerian_Tirailleurs_Regiment

    He is the author of this "first hand" account of the Setif events (automatically translates to English): SETIF 8 mai 1945
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    I recently acquired the After the Battle book on Monte Cassino, which also has some chapters on the operations of the FEC.

    Monte Cassino book.jpg
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    As french, I am unable to find these books in my area (or are pretty expensive). I was particularely looking for informations about the "Groupement Bonjour" which relieve some area of the Special Service Force on 8-9 january 1944 on the Monte Majo. The Forcemen remembers well the link-up!

    Thank you very much for this wonderful topic.
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    Neither names appear here on the forum, so using this: "Monte Majo" + "ww2" I found several online articles. Perhaps they will help?

    Perhaps those more expert here on the Italian campaign can help?

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