A winter in the Abruzzo Mountains - French Expeditionary Corps - Italy (21 Nov 1943 - 3 Feb 1944)

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    Hello David,
    I don't understand your message. I said this topic answered some of my questions as it peak about Monte Majo or "Mount Majo" as english speaker. You can see it page 2.
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    Maczuga - I will have a look at my documents to see what info I can find on the 'Groupement Bonjour'. However it will take some time, I'm currently not at home. I'll be in touch with you again.

    I'm glad you liked the thread :).
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    Reading about the French Expeditionary Corps in Italy gives me the shudders. Here's why:

    Marocchinate - Wikipedia

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    My research was quite short, so I did not read this thread nor take into account different spellings of the mountain's name.

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