AA Gun in a reclaimation yard

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  1. Owen

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    I ought to be able to ID it but I'm not sure.
    A mate saw this at a reclaimation yard in Somerset.

    It is a 3.7 inch ?

    Think it is.
    Vickers QF 3.7 inch AA Gun

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  2. jonheyworth

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  3. von Poop

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    Found my pic from last year, mate.
    Bit clearer side view.


    Amazing selection of doors there...
    They seem to have gone around Jaipur etc. (where my old man was born, under the Raj...) & bought up every old door they could find.
    Cracking spot, if only for a browse.
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  4. SteveDee

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    What was the price on the ticket?

    I think it would look great in my back garden!
  5. Owen

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    Dunno how much.
    Here's their website.
    Wells Reclamation
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  6. davidbfpo

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    Alas, not listed for sale on the website. There are few in museum and fortified places. I am sure someone would like it.
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  7. Owen

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