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Discussion in 'Canadian' started by Tanker13A, Sep 8, 2020.

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    Hi Folks

    Once again I reach out to the great wealth of knowledge. Trying to understand in our unit war diaries some of the terminology. Trying to work out the following: ARCO 2 CAB. I know the 2 CAB = 2 Canadian Armoured Brigade, but the ARCO?? Would anyone have the answer?

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    I thank you for the connection, but yet more inquiries of what does this mean. I feel we have an "idea" but not the accuracy we would like.

    25 CACRU - 25 Canadian Armour Corps Reinforcement Unit? Was it part of 25 CADR?
    W.E.F with date - would it mean effective date taken on/struck off etc.?
    Now the fuzzy ones for armour qualification:
    Dvr Mech (C) became Dvr Mech (TK) C, rather obvious
    Dvr Op (C) became Op CAC (C), does this indicate co-dver/loader qualification?
    Gnr Op (C) became Op CAC (C), which doesn't go with above but gunner/loader?
    Dvr IC III
    Dvr IC III(W)
    Gnr (RAC)III, I am assuming gunner tank qualification while being trained by Royal Armoured Corps. This designation is seen prior to D Day for qualification listings.

    Again thanks for all of your help.

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    W.E.F. (more usually w.e.f.) = With effect from
    Sorry no idea on the others.

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    You have the fact that Driver IC is Driver Internal Combustion (engine)?

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