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    During a recent trip to "Wings" I came across this AA rangefinder in a rather cluttered corner of the museum. I'd be interested to hear anything you know about the use of this piece of wonderful equipment.


    So far I have found this article on the theory & use of rangefinders as they relate to the US Navy: The Gunnery Pocket Book - Part 3

    I would like to find out more about how they were used by HAA in WW2, but I'm sure that any information you have on this subject would be very interesting.

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    Sorry, I don't think this is a rangefinder as the optics are not right. The two lenses need to be as far apart as possible for best accuracy.

    Judging by the photos here: 27th December 1942: The life of an ATS ‘Ack Ack’ Girl

    ...this appears to be an "Identification Telescope".
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    So it looks like my dad's HAA regiment would have used a big Rangefinder like this one:-

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