Any information on the Royal Marines?

Discussion in 'War at Sea' started by BarryH, Jan 21, 2017.

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    Hi Diane and many thanks for the information and research. I'm pretty sure that the squash result would have been him. As I need the death certificate to get the military record I'll have to pursue it. I'm wondering if I can find any family in SA that are still around that can help.
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    Aside from the Commandos 7 Bn Royal Marines as the Infantry element of No31 Beach Brick. Several companies of Royal Marines Engineers (not to be confused with RM Commando Engineers) and members of RMBDO II, took part in the invasion of Sicily. RMBDO II included RM Signals, Transport, LC Maintenance, Boat and Landing units in addition to Light and Heavy RM AD Artillery units.
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    I don't think you need a death certificate. I believe if a solicitor signs a letter confirming death based on the evidence.

    If you google mod records and phone them they will tell you what you need.

    I know of someone on the British medal forum who managed to apply without a death certificate as there is a whole thread devoted to it



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