Any Royal Warwickshire Regiment experts?

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    I’m researching 5105137 Warrant Officer Class One - F Hathaway of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. So a possible RSM. Not a lot of info but it’s all I’ve got. Anyone in a position to help?


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    Bumping this in desperation.
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    Hi Tony, That's my plan. To get records I need to identify death. To identify death I need to identify his birth. At the minute I'm not even aware of his first name. Unfortunately requests to the Regimental museum have gone unanswered.
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    The only thing I can add, to save anyone else looking, is that this number and name do not appear in the casualty lists. Other than that afraid no luck.
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    Was he a CSM during WW2 - in the regimental history there is mention of a Pte Hathaway but thats around April 1945 - just trying to sort out a date line

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    Have two additional bits of information.

    1945 Army List he is War Substantive Sergeant Major, dated 27th March 1942.

    He was discharged 02nd April 1948.
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    Hi TD, The link takes me to the sign-up page as I don't have access either. What was it you managed to find on Fold3? Thanks
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    Thats the problem - I cant access the file unless I pay - Fold3 was bought by Ancestry so I have asked why should I pay twice - have had some interesting answers from their customer services - one said that Fold3 was nothing to do with Ancestry its a completely different company :omg::wacko::unsure:


    Sorry should have added this

    UK, British Army Lists, 1882-1962
    Name: F. Hathaway
    Military Year: 1945
    Rank: War Substantive Serjeant-Major

    and then further details [I assume] are available on the attached Fold3 file

    View Original Image on Fold3.
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    Hi TD, looks like it’s the Army Lists which are available for free online anyway. This is where tbe info came from regarding his promotion. No need for paying Fold3 fortunately. Thanks for looking though. Cheers.
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    I now know the F stands for Frederick.

    His cause of discharge in 1948 was: KR 390 (xviii) (c)

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