Any true stories of building the Burma Railway

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    Hi Folks,
    a newbie to the forum here. I've asked permission of the moderators to ask this.

    I'm a freelance features writer specialising in History/Nostalgia, Vintage Transport, I come with an idea, plan it then pitch before writing it. I've written for several prestigious magazines blogs (mine and other peoples) and the Huff Post.

    I live near the National Arboretum in Staffordshire and have always been fascinated with the Burma Railway Memorial. I must have stood thoughtfully by the length of the actual piece of track they have a dozen times.

    Have you got any recollections/memories that have been told to you by Fathers or Grandfathers (or Mothers and Grandmothers, or perhaps you're a veteran and its your own story) of their experiences as P.O.W's building the Burma Railway, that I could include in an article I'm planning to write. I'll probably write it over winter for publication in the Spring of 2021. just a paragraph or 2. I'm looking for 3 or 4 pieces I can include

    What I can't offer is payment, feature writing doesn't pay as much as you'd think

    What I can offer is the promise of dignity when using the stories you share. and I can be as vague or precise as you wish, Username or first name and initial etc....

    The article will hopefully consist of the story of the railway, recollections and then a piece about the memorial at Alrewas (I have approached them already) and will be somewhere around 1500 to 200 words. I have a few publications in mind that I've written for in the past that would be interested in the article.

    Either post it on here (other members might like to read it) or PM me for my email address. Any out of copyright photos you can provide I'd be grateful for if you could grant me one off usage rights - with a credit to you

    So what's your story?
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    Hello Simon

    Might be any idea to read through the many posts on here and see if anyone can assist you further
    burma railway | WW2Talk

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    Thank you Clive I will do!

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