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    Can anyone tell me how I can find out about my uncles service on the Arctic Convoys? He has dementia and I would like to be able to jog his memory.
    He has been awarded the Ushakov medal and served on 8+ ships, seconded to the Navy from the MOD as he spoke fluent German.I have the list of ships if that helps?
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    There are many threads here on the Arctic Convoys (170) on a quick search, so it would help if you listed the ships he served in to narrow down your search and if anyone help can help.

    Would it be right that as a MoD civilian, fluent in German, he was listening to signals traffic aboard the eight RN vessels?

    Wiki has its critics, that aside it does offer a concise, starting point: Arctic convoys of World War II - Wikipedia

    Wiki notes:
    Is your uncle one of those listed? See: Medal of Ushakov - Wikipedia
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    If you know his ships and dates you can check the convoys on ConvoyWeb and see which ones he would have been present for.

    Arnold Hague Ports database
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    Since at this time the MoD did not exist I am slightly confused. Are you saying your uncle was not in the RN or was he at the Admiralty and put on Arctic convoy ships for some special task? Or are you saying he was not in the Services but seconded to the RN from the War Office or Air Ministry?
    Great that you are trying to help jog his memory.

  5. MMac

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    Thank you everyone!
    So sorry that I might have got MoD or former variants confused - just trying to piece together what he can remember! Thank you for all your suggestions, I will pursue all.
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