Armoured Cars, Tanks, Other Vehicles... & Pith Helmets.

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    Monty in Post#2 in the Sartorial Elegance thread......sartorially elegant? Probably that was the Secret Weapon....what was the quote "the enemy think we are stupid...let's hope they keep thinking that way".
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    A few photos relating to 10th Armoured Car Company, they came with a group to a man who later served as an SSM in 44th RTR

    IMG_20190510_0032.jpg IMG_20190510_0043.jpg IMG_20190510_0044.jpg IMG_20190510_0045.jpg IMG_20190510_0051.jpg IMG_20190510_0055.jpg
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    Saw this on an antique car site. No info provided except that it is a 1925 Rolls.
    No idea what is going on but I like it. Anyone know what the gun is?

    Might be hunting rifles and a howdah pistol in the back seat.



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    A touch excitable:

    The MG has now gone. Maybe more realistic restoration imposed:
    Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance 2018 - With Motorcars of the Raj - Team-BHP
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  7. morrisc8

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    A few original photos from my collection.
    army brakedown truck and car (2) (2018_01_13 18_51_57 UTC).jpg army pickup car (2018_01_13 18_51_57 UTC).jpg raf armd car 1930s (2018_01_13 18_51_57 UTC).jpg 52 Fd Ra Quetta India 1929 (2018_01_13 18_51_57 UTC).jpg
  8. morrisc8

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    A few original photos from my collection.
    armd cars tank eng.jpg ww1 armd car (2018_04_25 09_50_13 UTC).jpg tank tug of war (2018_01_13 18_51_57 UTC).jpg
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    Really great pictures. The one with the hoist is especially interesting. I think they are lifting an engine with flywheel on the right end and exhaust manifold on the side facing the camera but what is the round object on the other end? Looks like maybe a big fan shroud but the orientation is wrong. Also looks like a transmission mounted vertically under the shrould-like object.
  10. morrisc8

    morrisc8 Under the Bed

    A few more original photos from my collection.
    Lorry park Quetta India 1929  Army..jpg rasc truck 1930s.jpg rasc trucks pre war.jpg PHOTOS347.jpg
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    IMG_4479.JPG Spotted on Facebook. Original source not quoted.
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    Some where near Port Taufiq on the Suez canal in Egypt there is a Regiments worth of helmets buried.

    G Battery 5 RHA.

    After disembarking from convoy 1942

    We drew our Guns, quads, soft trucks etc. and at the first concentration point dug a huge hole and buried our pith helmets,

    it had been a Court Martial offence not to wear them for the past 7 weeks!

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    I'm sure this fits the spirit of this thread if not the letter........ couldn't resist

    Elephant Gun and Pith small.jpg
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  16. Vintage Wargaming

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    I’ve got about 12 20mm models of that, some with a 6.3” howitzer rather than the 40 pdr gun
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    Spotted on the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry 1939-1945 Facebook page.

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  18. Chris C

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    I must say (albeit that it is off-topic) that the photo of the Vickers Medium and the light tank (although I cannot determine its model) are some of the best I've seen.
  19. Vintage Wargaming

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    Light tank looks like a Mk II to me
  20. Chris C

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    In general I agree, but does this one have a cupola added?

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