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  1. Thanks. However 1994 was the year he died so he did not go but I understand a street in Henglo was named after him.
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    Richard - I erred, it was the 1990 visit to Hengelo.
  3. Yes that sounds more like it.
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    My first post too,

    When watching a TV programme about Opstion Market Garden I was prompted to google my old friend, Michael Long, who told me long ago that he was there and was even mentioned in the film. This took me to your post. He sadly died, 20 or more years ago, whilst attending a reunion at his old school, Wellington College. Perhaps this Wellington link will help you find out more about him.

    Chris F
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    I just joined the forum.I am interested in learning more about the Arnhem battle.I read "A bridge too far","It never snows in sept" and "Arnhem" by Middlebrook.These books gave me a good overall picture of the battle.Can somebody list their top ten books on Arnhem?I am interested in battalion histories,memoirs,first person accounts etc.
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    There have been a number of excellent books written about the individual units that fought at Arnhem, from the top of my head I can think of the following. Some are still easy to obtain, having been reprinted. Some, such as "B Company arrived" are now very difficult to obtain and will set you back a pretty penny. All of the following books are well illustrated and contain many personal accounts.

    1) "Off at Last" for the King's Own Scottish Borderers
    2) "When Dragons Flew" for the Border Regiment.
    3) "By Land Sea and Air" for the South Staffordshire Regiment
    4) "Red Crosses and Red Berets" for the RAMC
    5) "B Company Arrived" covers part of the actions of 2 Para
    6) "From Delhi to Arnhem" for 156 Para
    7) "Arnhem, Their Final Battle", for 11 Para
    8) "Desert Rise, Arnhem Descent" for 10 Para
    9) "Leading the way to Arnhem": for 21st Independent Para
    10) "Arnhem Bridge, Target Mike One' for 1st Airlanding Light Regiment

    I would also be remiss not to mention "Glider Pilots at Arnhem" and detailed studies such as "Tugs and Gliders to Arnhem"

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    Thanks for the list of books.Looks like most of them are from sigmond publishing.I will have to tract them down.
    The helion link to "desert rise arnhem descent" dosen't seem to work.

    What is the auction # on the "arnhem items" on ebay.I did a search and can't find it.

    What are the best personal accounts/memoirs of arnhem to get??
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    The Ebay item number is 192050462131

    A lot of the Robert Sigmond titles are quite easy to obtain. It might be worth looking at joining the Arnhem Fellowship as the Secretary just happens to be the UK distributor for Robert's books. They also recently produced a list of recommended Arnhem books
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    The post about Desert Rise Arnhem Descent being available from Helion is I think wrong..they have no copies...
    But I would agree with Horsapassenger on the unit histories as Mr Sigmond over the years has gained I feel an excellent reputation for high quality books both in factual content and quality of production......Some of the books are still available but in low numbers.....For example

    Arnhem, Their Final Battle about 5 copies left and currently on offer at £10 from his UK distributor

    Leading the way to Arnhem about 8 copies
    then from a German POV
    Retake Arnhem Bridge on the Kampfgruppe Knaust about 6 copies left and sadly unobtainable Arnhem A Few Vital Hours on the Krafft Battalion......
    Then finally worth looking for is the supplement to the original B Company Arrived called B Company Arrived The Men.....this second book came out in a limited run of 800 and I understand around 600 have been sold already.....Please contact me if you need any advice......But it is worth getting the Sigmond books while they are still in print as people have paid in the past over £100 on the used market for copies of various books when they have all been sold by Robert and his other stockists......Enjoy but be prepared to be frustrated...there are others to mention like With Spanners Descending on the Airborne REME and Worst Fears Confirmed on the Intelligence Corps and so on...As Horsa says a good place to look at would be the list on the Fellowship website....
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    I regret to say I think you will struggle to find a copy of Patrick's book...Been a while since I've had one to sell and nothing comes up on the second hand market......
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  15. Many thanks for your kind offer. I have been in touch with Philip but he does not have a spare copy and is not planning a 2nd edition. Could you please send me a digital copy? Please let me know of any costs. Many thanks: Richard Talbot <>
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    Will do ...
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    Anybody know where to buy copies of the "The airborne club" vol 1 and 2 by Newlyn
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    Hi Superbee, I did a little digging.

    I think his book are self-published. There is a review here of his Normandy book which includes his email address through which you could order that book. I would guess that the same is true of his airborne books.

    ("This is a limited edition print run and books can only be bought direct through Raymond (email"

    BigLee's Miniature Adventures: February Book Roundup

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