Asia region WW2 - Force 136 and Special Operations Executive (SOE) - A Tribute.

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    Even after 75 years, and continuing to maintain their never-ending under-the-radar presence, I recently wondered whether we had any memorials or headstones that one could visit in order to pay homage to these heroes from WW2. note: 10 images attached

    UK - SOE Via the CWGC website (with confirmation from their own staff members) I discovered that we have 25 SOE names, of both men and women, on the Brookwood Memorial.
    Link here:

    SINGAPORE (Kranji War Cemetery) - SOE/ FORCE 136
    Singapore Memorial:
    Column 1 - NORTON D.A. - SOE/FORCE 136 (refer to image 01)
    Column 113 - MACKAY T.D. - SOE Oriental Mission (refer to image 02)
    Column 153 - BRERETON MARTIN W.P.S. - SOE/FORCE 136 (refer to image 03)
    Addenda Panel - BIRD W.E.J. and POWELL G. - SOE (refer to image 04 - via CWGC)
    Also refer to my previous post concering both these men:
    Singapore Memorial (Addenda Panel - pending) - Special Operations Executive (2 names)
    Kranji War Cemetery:
    FRANK G.N. - SOE/FORCE 136 (refer to image 05)
    ROSS H.R. - SRD (SOE-OZ) (refer to image 06)
    UNKNOWNS - 3 Headstones with 2 dated 20th November 1945 and one dated 22nd November 1945 - FORCE 136 (all 3 images available on request)

    Rangoon War Cemetery:
    NIMMO J.R. (ARBO 274) - FORCE 136 Burma Section/SOE (refer to image 07)
    Taukkyan War Cemetery:
    Rangoon Memorial:
    Face 20 - AGANOOR Aram (Bunny) - SOE (refer to image 08)

    Colombo (Liveramentu) Cemetery
    BURGESS OLIVE FLORENCE - FORCE 136 (refer to image 09)
    Daughter of Edwin and Emma Charlotte (nee Huson) Burgess, London W4 (formerly Ceylon)
    Born 07.06.1915. died 15.10.1945 - killed in air crash Trincomalee,Ceylon
    note: This may be the only ''known'' FORCE 136 headstone under the care of the CWGC

    CREST representing Force 136 (refer to image 10)

    Above data via following sources:
    ABRO Roll of Honour
    Burma Star Association - Force 136


    Tony Buckley :poppy:
    01. NORTON D.A., Column 1, Singapore Memorial, Singapore © 02. MACKAY T.D., Column 113, Singapore Memorial,  Singapore © 03. BRERETON MARTIN W.P.S., Column 153, Singapore Memorial © 04. BIRD W.E.J., POWELL G., Addenda Panel, Singapore Memorial © 05. FRANK G.N., Kranji War Cemetery, Singapore © 06. ROSS H.R., Kranji War Cemetery, Singapore © 07. NIMMO J.R., Rangoon War Cemetery, Myanmar-Burma © 08. AGANOOR A., Face 20, Rangoon Memorial, Myanmar-Burma © 09. BURGESS O., Colombo Liveramentu Cemetery, Colombo, Sri Lanka  © 10. Crest - Force 136.jpg
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