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    My first observation is that as your sister was not a casualty your post is in the wrong thread.
    Second: Without a name or service details you have a problem as we have nowhere to look.
    Third: Any connection with Army Dog handling or training she would have been 'attached' to the Royal Army Veterinary Corps.
    Finally: If you do come up with identification, open a new thread using her name as the heading.
    Sorry I cannot be of further assistance.
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    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria.

    Service No:W/193172
    Date of Death:06/05/1944
    Regiment/Service:Auxiliary Territorial Service
    Grave Reference Sec. G. Grave 92.
    Additional Information:

    Daughter of Hall and Mary Edith Anderson, of Hexham.

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  3. Deacs

    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria.

    Surname STAFFORD
    Forenames/Initials Anne
    Rank Pte
    Service Army
    Service Number W63533
    Regiment/Corps ATS
    Date of Birth 08 September 1916
    Age 31
    Date of Death 26 May 1948
    Cemetery Hexham Cemetery
    Grave Section G Grave Number 96

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    I dont know if this is in the correct place, but I saw this bench in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. Thought someone may be interested,




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    Thanks Graeme

    Will go with my female general memorials

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    Hi Tony

    It was in St James's Churchyard, St. James's Street, Yarmouth, IoW.


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    I am astounded how much interest this post started by me has generated into the Ladies who served their country in WW2, I have followed it since and see that many people have gained knowledge from it and more so ,people have been remembered. My research into Rosina Hutton was greatly helped by Tony. I have came to a halt or should I say ,paused in the research into her as the Hutton trail at Kinross has not advanced any further.
    Thanks to all you dedicated people.


    Commonwealth War Dead 1939-1945

    HUTTON, Private, ROSINA FLORENCE, W/219256. Auxiliary Territorial Service. 19th January 1945. Age 23. Daughter of William Albert and Rosina Adelaide Hurrell; wife of R. W. P. Hutton, of Kinross. (Screen Wall, Panel 9.). Sec. F.13. Coll grave 44230.
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    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria.

    Hi Tony,

    I have got the register of burials from Cockermouth cemetery and here are Kathleens burial details and how she died.

    Place where death occurred and cause of death - R.A.F Station Hospital Innsworth, Churchdown Road. Gloucester. Intestinal Obstruction. Tuberculous Pysalyinx Opreration.
    By whom death certificate- Bryn Williams M.D
    Date of burial- 18-2-1943
    By whom the ceremony was performed - Rev R.W.Brook.
    Certificate for disposal - No. 164001.-7 H.Poiling, Registration births and deaths. 19 St.John's, Gloucestshire.
    Signature of the person making the entry of burial - W.P.Kirkpatrick.

    Hope this is a help.

    Regards Michael.
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    Thanks Michael

    Adds to her profile

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    This is not a thread that I actively follow. My apologies therefore if this has been discussed before.

    A recent eBay photograph with a sad caption :-



    Is it a well-known incident ? Presumably early May 1943.
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    Thanks for the photo. As you say the incident was 11th May 1943 when Sefton House, Great Yarmouth was destroyed.and 26 ATS girls died 25 killed on 11th and one dying on 13th May.

    There is now a memorial to them on the wall of the Burlington Hotel built on the original site.

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    commonwealth_war_cemeteries_110713_620px.jpg One for Tony and possibly Ron too?

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    Umm, surely it was a military target, these girls where in the Army, fully helping the war effort ? As much as their death's are to be lamented, surely they were a totally legitimate target !
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    I think that we are aware of that as was the other hotel and local area hit at the same time but as this was one the largest number of Females killed in one incident I think that it justifies a mention!

  15. CL1

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    Tuesday 11 May 1943
    Yarmouth was bombed again at about 8.40 today using the same tactics as before. It was a very bad raid I hear, with several ATS girls killed as well as other service personnel and civilians. The ATS hostel was destroyed with a direct hit and a coffee stall outside the Vauxhall Station which had been there for years was blown away with all staff and customers and there was damage to Cobholm Island again with casualties.
    Editor's note: The ATS hostel at Whitfield House, next to the Imperial Hotel, received a direct hit and twenty-six girls were killed. This was the 2nd low-level raid by a sweep of FW 190 fighter-bombers, after which a balloon barrage was installed as a deterrent. The destruction of the coffee stall took place during the 1st low-level attack four days earlier on 7th May. (Great Yarmouth at War: Tooke & Scarles).
    We were just going to sleep at 11.00pm when the 'Siren and 'Cuckoo' went. We got up and partly dressed. There were planes about and one came roaring over from the south, close to us and very low. I was at the front door and saw a lot of small lights close to the terminus. I slammed the door and called Mother and Ruth to go to the cellar quickly. Electric light had gone out everywhere
    Editor's note: Port War records 3 High Explosive bombs at Kessingland on the following night. These may have given rise to the lights recorded as seen from Walmer at the Terminus (Tramway Hotel area, Pakefield) but which date is correct is uncertain.
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    not connected to this case but I know there were ATS deaths at some point at HighLegh Hall when the US troops dropped oil barrels (think that was what my mum told me) on the parade ground whilst the ATS women were on parade. My Grandma that day was in a slightly different position to normal and was only knocked out but the girl in her usual position was killed. We don't know the date though because there is no mention of it in her records anywhere.
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    Not heard of this before so would be interested if anybody has asny info. A date would help!

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    Afternoon everyone,

    Started to check out some names and stories about the above this week as I came across the CWGC Headstones of two of the ATS Ladies in Gt Yarmouth, purely by accident, and five days later than the date of deaths. Photo's attached, I hope of: Jane McAULAY and Doris TRAVERS.

    There has not been any commemorative service - that I am aware of - during the past week nor mention in the local press. However, someone has mowed the grass around the four graves there. The other two belonging to Sgt. G. A. CHILVERS (RAF), and the other unmarked.

    Hope this story stays live for the 75th commemoration in 2018!

    Sid Hart

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    Name: Jane McAulay
    Given Initials: J
    Rank: Private
    Death Date: 11 May 1943
    Number: 240452
    Birth Place: Glasgow
    Residence: Ayrshire
    Branch at Enlistment: Women's Services
    Theatre of War: United Kingdom
    Regiment at Death: Auxiliary Territorial Service
    Branch at Death: Women's Services

    Name: Doris Travers
    Given Initials: D
    Rank: Private
    Death Date: 11 May 1943
    Number: 113878
    Birth Place: Northampton
    Residence: Northampton
    Branch at Enlistment: Women's Services
    Theatre of War: United Kingdom
    Regiment at Death: Auxiliary Territorial Service
    Branch at Death: Women's Services

  20. Tricky Dicky

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    The above 2 ATS girls (and 20 plus others)

    Casualty of WWII,Doris was one of 26 Auxiliary Territorial Service personnel who died as a result of a bombing raid on Great Yarmouth,Norfolk on 11th May 1943 when the hotel,on North Way,where they were billeted,received a direct hit. 25 are recorded as died on that day and one other, who is recorded as died on 13th May, was probably the 26th.
    Her Service No. was W/113878; she was 21 and the daughter of John and Lucy Anna Travers of Northampton.

    Caister Road Roman Catholic Cemetery
    Great Yarmouth
    Great Yarmouth Borough
    Norfolk, England

    Doris also has a death cert:

    Name: Doris Travers
    Birth Date: abt 1922
    Date of Registration: Jun 1943
    Age at Death: 21
    Registration district: Yarmouth
    Inferred County: Norfolk
    Volume: 4b
    Page: 20


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