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    Hi, I'm researching my Grandma's time in the ATS in Orkney. I am in the process of applying for her service records but in the meantime wondered if anyone could help with the information and photos I have. I have attached two photos of her in uniform but would like the badges and shoulder straps identifying.

    The first photo I am wondering what the anchor badge on her left arm is? and that the shoulder strap is on the right.

    The second photo I cant quite make out the badge on the left side above the pocket? and that the shoulder strap is on the left side.

    I also have a 'pass' dated 1945 stamped O.C 7th Scottish Platoon, ATS, Orkney Defence and a form W3044 Release of Soldier dated 1945, with the Unit being Orkney Defence Coy ATS, and Station being Stromness {I think it says}. which I have also attached.

    I also have some group photos with a few names on the back and also a programme dated September 17th 1943 to a party on the occasion of the ATS 5th birthday which I will be happy to upload if anyone would be interested in seeing them.

    Any information or help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Tina

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    Gosh thank you Tricky Dicky for that information, its not what I expected at all, I had trawled the internet for hours but could not find a thing!

    The family really have no idea what my Grandma did so any information is great. Looking forward to receiving her Service Records and hoping they provide more details.

    Many thanks
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    Patience is a key and so are the service records. If you do a google search on something like - ORKNEY AND SHETLAND DEFENCES & OSDEF then it throws up a few sites to visit that might help give a flavour of the area at that time

    By the way the badge on the shoulder is I believe the issued/normal ATS badge something along the lines of :

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    Hi, thanks for that I shall have a Google later.

    I thought the shoulder badge was ATS, could just make it out. Still unsure of the one above the jacket pocket on the second photo though as it's not very clear.

    Thanks for your help

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