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    Want to plug something?
    If you're coming from out of the blue with a WW2-related Book/DVD etc. that you want to promote, we're fine with you starting a thread about it, always have been - lots of chaps here who are likely the target market for this stuff, and glad to hear of new things.

    But we've decided that chatting about something that nobody has yet seen can be a bit strange, so we're asking very politely if you could arrange for a review copy to be sent to an appropriate person on the forum at the same time as entering your plug. Just give us a shout on the Contact Us link, and we'll sort out where to send it to.

    (Established members - ignore the above - if you've mooched here for a while and have written a book, then crack on with no obligation. Your own contributions to the activity here mean you've earned the right.)

    (Idi Admin)
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