Award Military Medal Sgt. Robert Hey, 9th Bn Durham Light Infantry (3386258)

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    Award Military Medal Sgt. Robert Hey (3386258) 9th Bn Durham Light Infantry, 151 (Durham) Brigade, 50th (Northumbrian) Division (Northallerton)

    Hey was wounded on the 11th August 1944 and taken back to England on LST428

    LG 29th August 1944

    WO 373/48/399

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    He was originally enlisted in the East Lancashire Regiment. There's quite a few ex-East Lancs men in the casualty lists for the 151 Brigade DLI battalions, all casualties from March 1943 onwards (suggesting a reinforcement draft in post Alamein), and a few for the 16th DLI in the post 9/43 period, who presumably came to the 16th after service in 151 Brigade. At least one other ex East Lancashire Regiment man was awarded an MM with the DLI, later killed in action:

    Fradley, L/Sgt William Herbert, MM, 3384566
    Died 9/8/44, serving with 6 DLI, aged 30. Son of Arthur John and Mary Jane Fradley; husband of Francis Doris Fradley, of Bedworth, Warwickshire. St Manvieu War Cemetery, Cheux, France, XIV B 5.

    Military Medal awarded for actions with 6 DLI on 17/6/44.
    LG 31/8/44:
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    Sgt. Hey was from North Allerton, North Yorkshire, which is Green Howards territory and not far from the Co Durham border.

    Even though he started out in the East Lancs Regiment, he ended-up in the right regiment and his home Division.


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  5. Mr Jinks

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    Robert Hey wasnt from North Allerton he was from Accrington . Born in Haslingden on 27 July 1920 .Son of Arthur and Elizabeth Ellen (nee Stott) Hey.
    Robert Hey married Gladys Robson in 1941 she was from North Allerton . In later life Robert became a Chelsea Pensioner 1 March 1993 . Robert Died died in Chelsea Royal Hospital , Kensington on 25th Dec 1994.

    © the copyright holder. Photo credit: The Royal Hospital Chelsea

    Info DLI 1920-46

  6. Steve Mac

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    I wonder why the bio in your link at post No.3 states that he is from North Allerton? Maybe he lived in North Allerton after marrying Gladys Robson?!?

    So by dint of his birth in Haslingden the East Lancs was his home regiment, but he still ended-up in the right Division. :D
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    Morning Steve,

    IWM caption states North Allerton and so does the press reports and so does the London Gazette


    No. 5444578 Sergeant William Frederick Botterman, The Durham Light Infantry (Potters Bar).
    No. 4453489 Sergeant Harry Burton, The Durham Light Infantry (Thornaby-on-Tees).
    No. 3386258 Sergeant Robert Hey, The Durham Light Infantry (Northallerton).
    No. 3384566 Corporal (acting Sergeant) William Herbert Fradley, The Durham Light Infantry (Bedworth, Warwick).
    No. 3606591 Corporal (acting Sergeant) Robert Richmond, The Durham Light Infantry (West Hartlepool).
    No. 3718643 Corporal (acting Sergeant) Stephen Prescott Wallbank, The Durham Light Infantry (Alderley Edge, Manchester).
    No. 2987639 Lance-Sergeant Duncan Montgomery, The Durham Light Infantry (Stenhousemuir).
    No. 5953442 Corporal Stanley Lawter Brydges, The Durham Light Infantry (Whitwell, Herts).
    No. 3910474 Corporal Bryniog Thomas, The Durham Light Infantry (Bridgend, Glam.).
    No. 5727411 Lance-Corporal Leslie William Smith,' The Durham Light Infantry (Catford),
    No. 4459754 Lance-Corporal Joseph Wear, The Durham Light Infantry (Blaydon-on-Tyne).
    No. 4462172 Private John .Cawley, The Durham Light'Infantry (Salford).'
    No. 4864126 Private Joseph Edward Kibble, The Durham Light Infantry' (London,E11).
    No. 14657867 Private Francis Protano, The Durham Light Infantry (Manchester).

    Married in 1941 awarded the medal in 1944 I think you are right he was residing in Northallerton .

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