"Backer" Dieppe Churchill serial number

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    Checking about the internet I have this tank as either T68532 or T68352 - can anyone confirm which it was? I was going through some paperwork I have and on the back of some stowage charts for Churchill II's there is written "T68532 HQ F ?" - I googled Churchill T68532 and got Backer at Dieppe, but searching for Backer the T68352 seemed more common (although both numbers get mentions) - as Backer was in B Squadrons HQ troop and was marked up as F2 the other notes seem to make sense and I just wanted to check if this has possibly been a nice added piece of interest to the charts.


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    The ATB book on Deppe gives T68352 and a more recent title on Canadian Churchill's (The Churchill Tank And The Canadian Armoured Corps) also gives T68352
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    Thanks for checking - they are nice enough bits on their own - this just seemed a real interesting stroke of luck to be able to tie them down to a specific tank and one with such a known history - but I guess it wasnt to be.

    After posting I also realised I should probably have called it a census number rather than serial number

    Thanks again

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    It is not unknown for the numbers to be transposed. It is the sort of mistake anyone can and will make so even thought the paperwork is 'wrong' it might actually be right.
    The book on Canadian Churchills lists all the T numbers for every Churchill they were issued in WW2 and there is no T68532 listed-but there is a Mk III T68523!
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