Black British Soldiers

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    Hi Kate
    Just come across a very brief mention of Ashun .
    From 5 RHA war diaries 24 May 1945 .
    Location .Sokels (I think) Germany ,
    This is after the German Surrender.

    Dvr (Driver ) Ashun to hospital.

    He is the only Ashun I have come across in 5 RHA so it looks like he was demoted from Sergeant to Driver at some time.
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    Interesting topic! :salut:
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    I wondered about that.

    Talking to a group of ex paras working in the personal security business, I met a 3 Para Falklands veteran whose nickname was N******. "We could call him that, but if anyone one else did, it would start a fight"
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    On the 60th anniversary of D Day one artillery veteran - an officer in 86th RA was quoted by the Independent as saying that bone of their first casualties after landing was a Jamaican called King.

    The is also Japanese Briton called Suzuki buried in Bannerville CWC. KIA in the County of London Yeomanry.
    Roy Suzuki and the British Nisei | The Observation Post

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