Bomb dropped in pond south derbyshire

Discussion in 'The War In The Air' started by Alisonmallen, Aug 2, 2019.

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    recently I spoke to a gentleman who told me of a bomb which was dropped on the fishing pond in Midway, Swadlincote south derbyshire? Does anyone know of this as I cannot find it mentioned in local history. Whilst I will return to the place I met this gentleman and enquire more I just wondered if anyone knew of this please
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    Have you contacted local history groups who might be able to supply more information.
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  4. Alisonmallen

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    Hi thanks everyone. A very reliable neighbour confirmed two separate events which were believed to be planes returning home and getting rid of bombs. Baker Street and Sharp Street. The ponds were not touched and there was the possibility that the chap who told me the story got confused hence asking further afield. I live next to the park mentioned so have questioned lots of locals. He was actually the local history group and lived in the street behind me from 1938 to 1969 then left the area. Just confusion Was all it turned out to be. I have managed to confirm the correct stories which are recorded. Yes! The sainsburys bomb - that interrupted shopping plans for me. It also amazed me how the area was ‘cleared’ due to safety - the crowds were several bodies thick most of the evening. It was all safe enough in the end and quite possibly something a collector left behind near the site. It was all fields leading to mines in those days but I did question my neighbour if it had belonged to him or one of his friends as they did get involved in collecting items as children. He said it was probably a shell brought home after the war and left in sheds that used to be around before the industrial estate and sainsburys appeared. His knowledge of the area and events is second to non plus his local dialect a wonderment to me! I am ensuring I write down his recollections as the local group have nothing recorded by him.
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    Researching my own area I can find many similar incidents and all sorts of local theories but I think the most likely explanation is that the bombs dropped were hangups that dropped randomly on the flight home
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    Thankfully not too much damage on this occasion!

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