bomber exploding after leaving swinderby nov 1943

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    I'd never thought to google it until tonight, but William Halliwell (killed in the plane) was my great (great?) uncle. I can't say I know all that much about what happened, but it was often talked about in my family and my mother if she had turned out to be a boy was going to be named after him.

    We have a newspaper cutting about his death somewhere that I will dig out and I'll see if I can add anything to the above.

    I've visited his grave many times as it is near the family home. It became a bit of a tradition for me that I would my poppy after November 11th by his grave.

    Brian, I'm particularly interested to see your posts on here about the crash, I'll see if I can dig up anything interesting about Uncle Billy and I'll send it on to you.
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    Hi Mar.. sorry for the incredibly late reply, completely lost this web page... now tracing family tree and found out lots more, it does sound likely that this was indeed John (Jack's) plane. I would love to know if it were to visit, how much airfield is left ? you also mention that occasionally small bits of the aircraft turn up ! my dream would be to have a tiny piece, that would a tangible link to my uncle and so amazing ! I hope your still on this form ! many thanks Lindsay
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    The Crash of Lancaster ED812. - William Farr Web

    Aircraftman Neville Wade, listed as a ‘Passenger’, was a technician from the Ground Radio section at RAF Swinderby, who specialised in maintaining airborne direction-finding equipment.
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