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    A place for some links, and associations with Boroughbridge (Yorkshire, UK), especially, but not only, during WW2.


    (More to add in edit - will be similar in format, for example to the thread on Chippenham Park - see Chippenham Park Camp )
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    Boroughbridge - Wikipedia

    Boroughbridge and District Historical Society | An active and friendly North Yorkshire group - with - Second World War | Search Results | Boroughbridge and District Historical Society

    Gallery - Boroughbridge Town Council


    Scriven Hall | England's Lost Country Houses

    WW2talk thread(s) - Defence of Britian in the North


    "In our area the G.H.Q. Line ran from Goole on the Humber to Musselburgh on the Firth of Forth and was roughly 30-45 miles from the coast. It passed through York, Boroughbridge, Topcliffe, Barnard Castle, Wolsingham, Stanhope, Rookhope, Allenheads, Hexham (by way of Devil's Water), Humshaugh, Wark, Bellingham, Falstone, Kielder, Hawick, Melrose, Galashiels and Dalkeith. The idea of this section of the G.H.Q. Line was to restrict the enemy to a coastal strip following a landing on the Northumberland beaches. The enemy would be engaged immediately by Coastal Defence Units and by Bomber, Coastal and Fighter Commands and would then face the major infantry battalions of the Home Forces held in reserve away from the coast (the composition varied but for the most part this involved the 15th, 54th or the 59th Divisions). These would then perhaps be joined by armoured units such as the 24th Army Tank Brigade from Yorkshire or, later in the war, the 35 Army Tank Brigade from Haydon Bridge, but if the landing had been on a large scale there was little chance that such intervention could do much more than delay the enemy.
    But, as the enemy tried to move south, they would face a succession of road-blocks, defended road junctions, defended defiles (places where the topography forms a narrow passage), and a series of of east-west Stop Lines. The mainstay of this type of defence were the concrete blocks already mentioned, concrete "coffins" and "pimples" (or Dragon's Teeth), anti-tank ditches and "pillboxes". Pillboxes were of many types -some square, some circular, some hexagonal- but were basically strong, generally concrete, buildings with one or two small openings from which rifle or machine-gun fire could be directed at the enemy. These were built in thousands during the first year of the war and Northumberland had more than its share, the biggest concentrations being near the coast and along the Stop Lines described below -many can still be seen dotted around the countryside."
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    24th Lancers - War Diary - Boroughbridge
    8/3/41 Normal training has been carried out throughout the month. On March 6th we moved from Cannock to Boroughbridge. Our Commander, Major General Hobart, 11th Armoured Div visited the Regiment with Brigadier Peto.


    24th Lancers - War Diary - Boroughbridge
    4/6/41 The Divisional Commander, Major General Hobart gave a lecture at Scriven Hall to all Officers, NCO’s and a large number of men from 23rd Hussars, 24th Lancers and 8th Rifle Brigade.


    24th Lancers - War Diary - Boroughbridge
    12/6/41 The Regiment moved from Boroughbridge to Keldy Castle near Pickering.

    For Keldy Castle see... Keldy Castle


    22nd October 1941 - Remembering Today 22/10/41 Sergeant R.E.Sayer 931753 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 51 Sqdn.

    1945 - Boroughbridge - Wikipedia - Has... "In 1945 the bridge carrying the A1 road over the River Ure collapsed under the weight of a heavy vehicle carrying an 80-ton steel mill roll housing from Sheffield to Falkirk. The incident interrupted the main transport route for a short time and the army installed a Bailey bridge until repairs were completed."
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