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    Anyone been able to get special access to vehicles recently, ie: climbing on or in for photographic purposes?
    Tried for a while last year but didn't get any replies through the usual channels, thinking of doing a bit of letterhead cutting & pasting, turning up in a Hi-Viz jacket and keeping my fingers crossed!
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    Why not try becoming a Freiend of the Tank Museum, you get special privliges and I know you are welcome to crew tanks on the battle day each year.
    Go on line and see what they are offering members, last July when my son and I went round we followed a group and their guide was most insistant that climbing on or in vehicles was forebidden.
    We asked if they would let us look in the tiger as the staff had the hatches open and they said if it was up to them yes but the museum policy is no climbing on or in all I wanted was a photo of the internal layout crew positions.

    Great museum though always worth a visit especially as they where moving the tanks from Bovington Camp to Lulworth for live firing past the car park.
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    22nd Dragoons.
    Service Dress and tank helmet (complete with original, worn decals) which belonged to Ian Hammerton (author of Achtung Minen!) now held at the Tank Museum. You will need to book via the Museum Archive if you wish to view them.
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    I asked the museum about whether I might be able to get a step ladder to take pictures of the Archer interior, but basically my timing stinks - I am going at TankFest in a couple of weeks, when they have no time for anything but running the event. On the plus side, the vehicle conservation area is open. :)
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