Brigade's seniority - 15th (Scottish) & 51st (Highland) Division's - June 1944

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    Hi chaps

    Hope you can help...I trying to get my head around the brigade's seniority in the Brigade's seniority - 15th (Scottish) & 51st (Highland) Division's in June 1944. From what Wiki tells me the brigades are...

    15th (Scottish) Division
    44th (Lowland) Inf Brigade
    45th Inf Brigade
    46th Inf Brigade (was this disbanded by June 44?)
    227th Inf brigade

    51st (Highland) Division
    152nd Inf Brigade
    153rd Inf Brigade
    154th Inf Brigade

    ...which was the senior, intermediate and junior brigade in each Div?

    In advance

    Cheers, Smudge
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    Going from Joslen, 45 Brigade left 15th (Scottish) Div at the start of 1943, being replaced by 6th Guards Tk Bde, who were in turn replaced by 227 Inf Bde in Oct 1943 (when the Div changed back to Inf from Mixed).

    I feel like I should be more certain, but my understanding is the seniority of Brigades was simply based on their number, so your lists above (less 45 Bde) would show senior, intermediate and junior. Of course this is the British Army so I'm now consumed with self-doubt as to whether the Brigade with the oldest Regiment was counted Senior, allowing for amalgamations up to Cardwell of course, or whether there was an even more insidious system I'm blissfully unaware of!

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    Thanks Gary

    I appreciate the help. That's as I understood it but I am also consumed by self doubt :D
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    Are you sure ? :whistle::D

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    51 Highland thanks mate that's great. Thanks for the link it's really useful

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