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    I have noticed my fathers Africa star has a first army clasp on it, could anyone tell me were the 1st army disbanded after the north african campaign ?,
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    Hi John,

    1st Army was disbanded 25 July 1943.


  3. Tom Canning

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    John - Gerry is correct with the official date of the 1st Army disbanding in July which broke up the 18th Army group of 1st and 8th Armies - then the 15th Army group became a fact with the US 7th and British 8th being planned for the invasion of Sicily.

    The merging of the 1st and 8th had actually happened when the 7th Armoured Div - 4th Indian and 210 Guards Bde from 8th Army joined with 6th Armoured Div - 4th British and 21st and 25th Tank bdes to break out at Medjez el Bab - take Tunis and finish up at Cap Bon to end that campaign in May '43.

    The invasion of Sicily then marked the final battles of XXX corps of 50th - 51st and 7the Armoured along with 8th Armoured Bde going home for D day and 78th Div - 1st Div - 46th Div - 4th Div and the two Tank bdes finally joining 8th Army at various dates in Italy.

    So the 8th Army in Italy was as much of 1st Army than the Desert 8th Army had been as only the Kiwis - Indians 3 divs - 56th Div - 5th Div - and Polish joined with the Canadians who had joined at Sicily - to go through Italy....
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    many thanks for all the info,most interesting,
    kind regards,

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