British Airborne War Diaries

Discussion in 'Airborne' started by von Poop, Jun 27, 2008.

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    Agreed. Mark Hickman has done an outstanding job. I've pointed several enquirers in his direction.

    Steve W.
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    Mark's websites are indeed excellent and I had the honour of providnig him with some of the information, including copies of citations fished out of the PRO (as it was then). Also have the War Diairies for the majority of Units who served at Arnhem. If anyone wants/needs copies please let me know and I can dig them out, although there are a number of citations that I have yet to dins.


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    My great gradfather appears on both the Normandy photo section and the Arnhem section. I am waiting for the Airborne Signals war diary to go up on his website. Dont suppose yo have it?

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    Just PMd you.

    Also have just re-read my post, I have copies of the War Diairies for the month of September 1944 for tge majority of the units that fought at Arnhem with 1st Airborne Division. However the citations I have cover all known Airborne units.

    Hope that makes it a bit clearer. And for an afterthought also I am attempting to get photographs of the headstones/memorials to Airborne personnel, having started with Arnhem first! What an undertaking I seem to have set myself!!

    Regards to all

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    Hi just found this thread. Went Sicily site and found my Granda Toye. Its good to see his name there
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    Some great links there Adam. Cheers. I've bookmarked 'em.
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    I agree, a very good website for research!
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    seconded, I've found Mark's sites invaluable. In particular I think they're very accesible if you're new to military history.

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