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Discussion in 'RAMC' started by Sue Light, Jan 1, 2010.

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    Hi Sue, what a good threadvery interesting. Could you help please, was there a Hospital in Germany In '45/46! and was the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary Derby on the list for the same year and if so did it have a Number.
    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Great piece of work and Thanks My Granddad spent time in Hospital while out in Burma using you list I think it would likely be 40 BGH or 114 BGH, does anyone know if there are records for these units that might have reference to patients?

  3. bamboo43

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    Hi Richard,

    There are war diaries for the hospitals at Kew. I think it is the WO177 series. Patient lists and references are rare I'm afraid.

  4. 3mileSnipper

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    Hi Sue,
    What a piece of research. Father and an uncle both wounded in WW2 and we only have a little information on their track back. I have just been looking into my Uncle's service and looking at your data base I can see he was for a time at St. Loup Hors, near Caen I believe. He was seriously wounded on the 18 Aug. whilst he was serving with the 143 Fd. Pk. Sqdn. A letter sent by the Principal Matron 101 General Hospital B.L.A. dated 30 Aug 44 describes "The casualty, your husband, has suffered a traumatic amputation of the right leg" and is signed I. A. W. Wade. The surname is quite clear but the initials are open to interpretation. Would there be away of checking staff for this period even if I can just get her name correct.
    Excel (nt) Neil
    At the base of the letter is what looks like [Principal Matron 6A1MMs] don't know what this means, difficult to read.
  5. 3mileSnipper

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    Hi Sue,
    I looked at the link again for information on my father's movements after being wounded treated originally at ADS 174 Fd. Amb.
    and sometime later shipped back to UK to the Pk Prewett Hospital Basingstoke and then on to Sunderland Eye Infirmary.
    Would the Basingstoke Hospital be one of the "BGH" as I can not find a reference to this on the list. Are they both General
    Hospitals used as 'normal' treatment centres.
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    Could someone please explain how to bring up this list? I've clicked on Sue's link but to no avail.

    I'm currently trying to find out some information about No. 7 Base Psychiatric Centre at Assisi which I assume was part of no. 5 General Hospital


  7. Lotus7

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    Hi Sue, hope all's well with you, are you able to help and or advice on the above.


  8. PeteT

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    Just to advise that I e-mailed Sue yesterday to ask her the same question and she told me that she has taken the list off her site (along with other pages) to reduce storage etc. She also very kindly provided me with the information I was looking for.

    She has had a number of requests to reinstate the page(s) so I am sure she will provide an update on the situation when she is online


  9. Lotus7

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    Thanks Pete for your reply about Sue, I hope she is able to go online soon.


  10. Jane Cassidy

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    Not sure if Sue still uses this forum but I have been on the Scarlet finders website many times. I have some additional information on 26th BGH. When they left Sarafand in November 1940, they went to Athens (Kifisia) and remained there until evacuation or capture. The latter was the fate of my father, Frank Downs. The small number left behind were moved to 2/5 AGH's base at Kokinia, near Piraeus, until being moved to camps in Germany later in the year Jane Pugh born 1915
  11. CL1

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    Hello Jane
    sadly Sue is no longer with us
    The passing of Sue Light Scarlet Finders

  12. Jane Cassidy

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    Thank you Clive. I feared that might be the case and am sorry to that is true. Sue did some great work that was very helpful to people like me, trying to put together the story of loved ones who served in hospital units.
  13. Old Git

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    Just been using Sue's list to track down the location of 102 British General Hospital in August 1944. I know Sue is no longer with us but it is nice to know that her work is still of value to us all. Sometimes we only truly miss someone when we reach for the fruits of their labour.

    Is anyone aware of a source for the medical records from these military hospitals, presumably some of these records were preserved? trying to track the records of a chap who got shot five times trying to get forward and then coming back again. He reported back to HQ whilst leaking blood everywhere and was told to get himself of to the RAP who then sent him back down the line. He was 44 years old and knew that if they evacuated him back to Blighty they would not let him come back to France so he refused point blank to be sent home and was back at work a few weeks later! I'd dearly love to see his Dr's comments about how obstreperous he was being in his refusal to be evacuated home.
  14. Tullybrone

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    I’d guess that a patient record forms part of the service paper file held by MOD.

    I’m aware that the Canadian service files online contain much medical information - including medical notes, medical board reports and even in some cases I’ve seen the bloodstained Field Medical Card in the file.

    MOD don’t release any medical information - relying on FOI exceptions. I doubt the medical information would’ve been culled in a soldiers lifetime in case a pension claim was made but they may have been culled post death if MOD researched such data and developed a document retention/destruction policy.

    There may also be CCS and General Hospital admission books in existence - there are some from WW1 together with WD’s but they would not drill down to the detail you are interested in. That would've remained on the soldiers case notes. Fingers crossed the time will come when MOD may release medical papers.

  15. Tricky Dicky

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    Might not fit your details, but I applied to a UK hospital in 2016 for the medical records of my Great Uncle, injured and 'repaired' in 1917, I was told medical records are on the 100 years rule, so I actually rec'd them last year. Have to say there wasnt much at all, but I did find out he had bullet or shrapnel wounds when the family story was that he has been gassed - so it answered something.

    Hope it helps in someway

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    I'm new to this Forum and I'm researching my first WW2 soldier, who was in the RAMC. I'm delighted to have tracked down Sue's wonderful list, but then reading the more recent threads I was saddened to read that she is no longer with us. Anyway, it's provided me with my first "where was he?" answer ... 23 General Hospital in 1942 was at Bir Yaacov in Palestine. Thanks, Sue! :)
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