British Indian Army records - where are they?

Discussion in 'British Indian Army' started by Pete Keane, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Pete Keane

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    Can anyone tell me where I can find Service Histories for BIA Indian-born officers, and the war diaries of their battalions.

    In particular, the 4th Bn 14th Punjab Regt (4/14 Punjabis)

    Looking for March 1945.


  2. Drew5233

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    Hi Peter,

    I don't know if the following helps:

    For Indian Army Records Up Until 1947:

    The Adjutant General's Office
    Army HQ, West Block No lll
    R K Puram
    New Delhi 110066

    Maybe a call to the Indian Embassy could help.
  3. Alan Allport

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    Dear Pete,

    I don't know if this will help you in your specific inquiry, but the records of the India Office's Military Department are held by the British Library.

    Best, Alan
  4. Joanna1

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    Dont know if this would help Maharatta Regimental Center, in an MES (Military Engineering Service) Inspection Bungalow after getting off a train in Belgaum from Delhi. It is a musuem but it is not easy to get in. You probably need to know someone to invite one. Let me know if it is helpful I am also trying to find out about 114th Indian Mahrattas with my Grandfather Captain Humphrey Weaver based in Sikkim 1903 and spent time in Murree and from there in 1915 went to Mesopotamia where he was killed in Battle 1916
  5. bamboo43

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    Hi Pete,

    Always a difficult one this.

    War Diary for the 4/14 Punjabis is at the NA WO172/7745

    The address we were trying to think of last week with Diane is the one Andy has posted above. I tried that for a couple of Indian born officers with no success.

    The British Library has the service records of some officers from WW2. I have asked them about two Commonwealth born (S.Africa and New Zealand) officers and they had them both.

  6. dfielder

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    I enquired at the National Archives in Delhi and received 150 pages of my grandfather's service record. An enquiry doesn't cost any money until they copy documents for you.

    The process is slow but well worth the wait.

    D. Fielder
  7. BFBSM

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  8. Tab

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    All these records would be held by the Indians. you could always drop a note to India house in the Aldwych in London. I know they hold all the records from the East Indian Company which ran its own Navy and Army.
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