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    Hi all im trying to find out any information on squadrons that went from raf shawbury to serve in burma in ww2 ive just found out my grandad was based there and went to burma any photos or information would be great.
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    Hi clive i have no other information just his name Henry benn wilson,no service number or squadron or what he did just that he was at shawbury and served in burma his favorite saying was gordon bennett! :-(
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    If you are applying for his service records you will need a copy death cert:

    England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007
    Name: Henry Benn Wilson
    Death Age: 71
    Birth Date: 24 Oct 1916
    Registration Date: Nov 1987
    Registration district: Hertford and Ware
    Inferred County: Hertfordshire
    Volume: 10
    Page: 434

    Might be his birth details
    England & Wales, Civil Registration Birth Index, 1916-2005
    Name: Henry B Wilson
    Mother's Maiden Surname: Simpson
    Date of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec 1916
    Registration district: Whitchaven (I guess this is Whitehaven)
    Inferred County: Cumberland
    Volume Number: 10b
    Page Number: 1199

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    RAF Shawbury was the home to No. 11 Service Flying Training School as well as the Central Navigation School (from 1944) so a lot of airmen went through there.

    I agree with Clive. The only way to find out what he did is to obtain his service records. His RAF service number was 1155008, indicating an enlistment at Cardington in late spring/early summer 1940.

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    Hi dave thanks for his service number thats amazing thankyou
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    Hi thanks for that yes that is him,ok so i will apply for his service records thats great thanks for your help :)
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    Hi how did you find his service number?thanks
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    In a file from TNA at Kew: AIR 78/173/1 (page 44 of 142). You can download it yourself by putting that file number here: Discovery | The National Archives

    All it does is list the man or woman's full name and service number. No squadrons, postings etc. If his name had been John Smith it would be unusable without a service number. But as it goes your gramps was the only airman with that name.
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    Did a search in The Airforce List 1944 and it threw up 2 names.

    Wilson H.B....w..(war substantive rank)...........Flight Lieutenant.
    Wilson H.B.......................................................Flying Officer.

    don't know if these fit in with your relative. Goodluck with your research.


    ps, I couldn't find Gordon Bennet :D
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    Hi again sorry but why would this suggest he i
    Hi dave sorry to be a pain why would his srevice number indicate cardington and time of enlisted?cheers.
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