C-47 Artwork

Discussion in 'The War In The Air' started by scottiow, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. Smudger Jnr

    Smudger Jnr Our Man in Berlin

    Now that you have it actually in flight it looks great.

    Great artistic talent.

  2. JCBiden

    JCBiden The New Guy

    Heres a few more renders of what i have managed to get done today, which was not as much as i had hoped.

    Just to keep up the interest.

    cheers scott
    Oh My Gosh. :O

    Well, I hope I will be able to do that. I'm only 13 years old. :P

    EDIT: I'll use blender. I just found this picture on the internet.
    That should be able to help out a bit.
  3. JCBiden

    JCBiden The New Guy

    I used this tutorial: PAIRAL.net

    But the problem is, I can't make the fuselage.
    It get's all separated. Maybe because I deleted all the vertices except for one, so I could E (Extend) it around.

    Man, I suck with 3D stuff. x]

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  4. James Daly

    James Daly Senior Member

    I've just been looking through some books that Osprey have just sent me to review, and your artwork is as good, if not better than some of the stuff in there B)
  5. scottiow

    scottiow Member

    Well thankyou everyone for your encouraging and great comments. Really good when people like your work and especially when you get comments like yours.

    JCBiden, i have not used blender before but i'll have a look through some of the stuff you sent me and try gett my head round it then help you out. At 13 you have plenty of time to master 3d i only started messing about with 3d stuff when i was 16, so keep at it.

    You have the right idea of the blueprints, they need splitting up into the different angles. Just use top, front and side ones, but looking at the tutorial you will have done that already.

    I'll try and get a better idea of blender and help you out later today.

    Thanks for all your great comments and james when you write your review you could always drop my name and contact details in, my website is given in the bottom of my posting as i do freelance work if you felt you wanted.;)

    Thanks again guys great comments

    all the best

  6. scottiow

    scottiow Member

    Ok JCBiden i think the problem from what i can see and also what i understand from looking at the blender workflow, you dont really want extrude vertices in any occasion really, you want to extrude edges or faces. On the screen shot you upload there is no edge loop because of the just extruded verts.

    I think thats your problem but have never used blender before. If you get stuck and want any more help, send me a private message that way we wont go of topic on the forum.

    Good Luck

  7. JCBiden

    JCBiden The New Guy

    Thanks Scott.
    I checked out your site, amazing.

    Have you had any of your artwork put into any films or tv shows?
  8. scottiow

    scottiow Member

    Not yet as i have just graduated from University, but i hopefully will someday soon. My final piece at University was shown at the moving picture company cinema in london. They have done many big films including da vinci code, angels and demons ,so thats as close i have got so far, but just working away and building up a showreel and portfolio to hopefully get onto films or tv soon. I also had some interest from codemaster a games company who do loads of big computer games.

    all the best

  9. JCBiden

    JCBiden The New Guy

    Hmm.. what University?
  10. JCBiden

    JCBiden The New Guy

    3Ds Max isn't free so I'll have to stick with blender.

    I'm getting there. So far I have the fuselage nearly done. Just some SubSurfing and it should look better.

    Scott, are you planning to use that C-47 in the future for a production or such?
    I think it's pretty dang worthy of it.

    EDIT: Added a picture.

    EDIT2: I get stuck after my fuselage. I can't figure out how to get the cockpit, windows, etc. I'm just not cut out for this I guess. x]

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  11. scottiow

    scottiow Member

    Hey JCBiden.

    I went to Portsmouth University.

    I would love to be able to use it in some sort of production if i could. I am going to produce a series of still images and also some film fx type shots like in Band of Brothers etc using the C-47 but will take some time. When they are done the images and links to videos will be posted up here.

    I'll send you a private message about some modelling.

    I thought you could get a free trail of 3d max for 30 days or something. But might be best if you stick with what your doing for now and then have a look at 3ds max at a later date.

    Remember keep at it, all that you need to do is build up your basic skills. The more you do and create things to more you will learn. When i was 15/16 starting out i made some rubbish stuff but you got to start somewhere.

    all the best

  12. JCBiden

    JCBiden The New Guy

    Thank you Scott. You've been a great help!
  13. slaphead

    slaphead very occasional visitor

    Hi Scott,
    Nice work with the C47. Your modelling and texturing are very good, the lighting needs a bit of tweeking (I would be picky on that as lighting was my thang).
    What sort of work are you looking for? Film, telly and games work is getting more and more compartmentalised. If modellings your thing there is plenty of oportunity as that is where most of the work is. Lighting, rigging, animation, compositing etc are all separate disciplines now and folk tend to specialise in one or two things unless you work for a smaller company. To give you an example, I used to be a special effects lighting cameraman. It was a varied and interesting job, twenty years later I am doing the plants for the next Alien vs Predator game... I am the plant guy. I do the plants (and sometimes some slime it they let me ;-) )

    JCBiden. Blender is a pig to learn as it bears hardly any relation to any other 3D software, but it is aparently very good once you get used to it (I dont actually know this as I gave up on it verrrrry quickly!). The Blender forum and community is supposed to be very good and very helpful though. I have been working in CG for twenty odd years and I am still learning so dont give up yet !
    I am not sure whether it has got any better, but the "Wings3D" modeller was looking promising a few years ago, it is also freeware.
    Wings 3d
    It is allegedly based on the modeller from Izware (previously NWorld - prevoiusly SWorld - back when dinosaurs ruled the earth, I started in computer graphics, and the "Money for Nothing" video was the state of the art) ... < drifts off into the wibbly wobbly time of yore ... > :)
  14. scottiow

    scottiow Member

    Hi slaphead

    Thanks for your comments, lightings always a make or break in 3d, when i do my next work with it i will be developing it further as the shots are going to vary, Night and a almost overbright shot etc.
    Certainly not a big fan of rigging or animation, but if you look at my website you will see my work if already focused away from these, never really enjoyed that and my strong points have always been modelling and texturing.

    Im working towards modelling as environmental artist in computer games, but as i am a recent graduate with comments I have when i meet sony, M.P.C etc they all recommended keeping focus on the moddelling etc but keeping an open mind and build up work within areas like compositing.

    Ideally i would prefer working towards film and production rather than the computer games industry, but the key for me at the moment is building up experience when and where i can.

    Yeah i have seen some pretty decent stuff come out of wings3d recently too, never really had a look at it or blender, only Maya and 3ds max.

    Anyway dont want to drift of too far from ww2 topic.

    Thanks for your comments, work is always seen differently by people in the industry and good to get feedback.

    all the best
  15. scottiow

    scottiow Member

    I know its been a while but i havnt had a chance to get much done with what i was hoping to do with this as i have been very busy, but here are a few images and i have one small part of video done.

    The second image is a still from a video shot im creating, the other is a model sheet.

    Comments and crits please. The shot which is from the video is still a Work In Progress and will have layerd cloud and landing craft etc on the sea once it is finally complete.

    all the best

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  16. marcus69x

    marcus69x I love WW2 meah!!!

    Looks beauty mate.

    How do you make the graphics look like a photo?
  17. slaphead

    slaphead very occasional visitor

    That is looking very nice.
    Only real comment is to cheet the black on the leeding edge of the wings so you get a bit of definition and shape in there.
    Lighting is one huge cheet so dont be afraid to fudge the texturemap a little. In studio television work something that you want to appear white is painted with a colout called 95% grey and black is painted with 20% grey. In other words whit isnt realy white and black is nothing like black!
    Also in outdoor shooting there is an atmospheric effect where scattered light entering the lens can brighten something a little that should be darker. If I still had my old American Cinematographer magazines I'd dig out an invention from the 1980's that used this effect to allow an image to be registered to film that technically should not have been possable due to the low light conditions... but I digress...
    It is looking gooooood!
  18. scottiow

    scottiow Member

    Thanks for your comments guys.

    Useful tips there, will keep that in mind and apply it to this and future projects. The black on the edge on the left wing was something i was not happy with as it is way to sharpe looking so will look at developing that, breakup the lines abit.

    Marcus69x - if you feel it looks like a photo then i am very happy with that as i am aiming for photorealism. Basically i follow the same techniques etc as used on film production. Its pretty lengthly to explain but the main thing in my opinion is making it look like it isnt perferct. Adding film grain and noise, subtle bluring and colour correction, it all starts adding up to the overall finish.

    thanks again

    all the best

  19. marcus69x

    marcus69x I love WW2 meah!!!

    Looks like a screen shot from Band of Brothers or something. It's got that type of look to it.

    Great stuff and can't wait to see the finished video. :)
  20. scottiow

    scottiow Member

    Here is an update on the shot. Some of it is animated. It still needs work and any comments and crits would be useful.


    all the best


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