Calling all 4 CLY experts Operation Spring 25 July 1944

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    Topic : 25 July 1944 Operation Spring - 4 CLY

    Question: At roughly 1300 I am getting the indication a Squadron (or more) of the 4 CLY supported C Coy of the Calgary Highlanders who were attempting to get a foothold in northern May - and a large battle ensues - before the 9 SS PD arrives. This is after the the Black Watch of Canada has been destroyed.

    How did the 4 CLY carry out its operations on this day? I would like detail.

    The 4 CLY war diary is very vague with little information.

    Picture - 2nd Cdn Corps report trace on Spring

    In the log of the 21st Army Group Tac HQ:

    PRO WO171/112 21st Army Group TAC HQ Log 25 July: TOO 1245hrs TOR 1300hrs from Maj Harden LO 7th Armd Div: Enemy resistance still. Much mortar and arty fire. 22 Armd Bde. One regt 039600. one 032597. remainder 7th Armd div back along center line. One Ferdinand reported at 063594. Fwd tps 5th Cdn Bde reported at 023582 PRO WO171/112 21st Army Group TAC HQ Log 25 July: TOO 25?? TOR1530hrs from Maj Poston., LO 2nd Cdn Div: Bn 5th Cdn Bde withdrawn just north of May-sur-Orne. Bn had hy casualties. Other Bn approx 028591 held up. Hy mortar and MG fire from Fontenay-le-Marmion. 4th Cdn Bde held up 500 yards south of Verrières. 2nd Cdn Corps preparing new plan.

    What I get from this:

    4 CLY was north east of May (032/597) and in contact with German forces in May - and there is a huge battle that sees the last, failed attempts of C Coy of the Calgary Highlanders to get into May. And this is before the Waffen-SS arrive.

    But what squadrons of the 4 CLY are involved?

    Does someone know more about this?

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