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    Apologies if this information is already on the form - if it is then I have been unable to find it! :-( Does anyone know when PG73 near Carpi was taken over by the Germans? Was the camp abandoned by its Italian guards after the Armistice announcement or did German forces really arrive later that same night? Sadly, online searches have yielded conflicting information, so, if anyone knows for certain then I would be pleased to hear.
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    Treasury Solicitor's file TS26/456 Carpi: Mass Murder, (National Archives Discovery) contains an affidavit from L/Cpl D.S. Goodchild which states that

    ''At 6.30 of 9 September the Germans arrived, fully armed, and took over the camp.'' ( I have translated this from the Italian, which I had already downloaded from Marco MInardi's website on PG 73.)

    In addition, there is a diary in the Imperial War Museum, which I have not read, which may confirm this date.


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    Thank you Vitellino!! So, it really was taken over very soon after the Armistice was declared!
    Are you talking of the centrostudifossoli website? My anti-virus keeps diverting my away from that one, unfortunately.
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    I suggest you obtain a copy of file TS 26/456 if you can't access the website.
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    Many thanks for the tip!

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