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    The set of co-ordinates in October 1944 (4438N 8020W, 4538N 8042W etc) are around the Toronto area but the ones you posted for April 45 are back in the UK.
    Where he has taken his readings on the ground (5231N 0216W) these are the co-ordinates of Halfpenny Green Airfield which was the home of No 3 (Observer) Advanced Flying Unit where he would have been posted after his training in Canada. This is where they would get used to navigating over a country under blackout conditions.
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    IMG_3610.JPG IMG_3609.JPG Thanks Snailer great information all this was found at a carboot sale IMG_3608.JPG
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    IMG_3611.JPG IMG_3612.JPG IMG_3613.JPG Hi Snailer the gentlemans train ticket in Canada and writing about being in the rear seat of a tiger moth
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    Looking at the form entitled Bomber Command Instructors School Students Arrival Report.e.g Lucy must have been posted to a B.C Instructors School...normally this would be the practice after operational experience.

    However, the practice was affected by the drawing end of the war. The Air Ministry had already predicted a surplus of aircrew from the summer of 1944 and had taken action to reduce the number of trainee aircrew.

    The station is not identified on the form but I think this might be the No 92 Group Instructors School which was based at RAF Silverstone between 15 March 1944 and 15 July 1945.

    Other information gleaned from this form is as follows.

    OTU training was done at RAF Wing (No 28 OTU) in Buckinghamshire.....Wellington Mark 111s and Mark X...all OTUs had Ansons on strength in addition to the units operational aircraft type

    HCU training was done at RAF Swinderby (No 1660 HCU) in Lincolnshire...Stirling equipped

    F/O Lucy,as I read the form,was attached to No 15 Squadron from RAF Hixon,(No 30 OTU) near Stafford which suggests a posting to Hixon after HCU training.Normally the posting after HCU would be to a operational bombing squadron but in the rapid rundown of the RAF,such irregular postings took place.

    Others, after Pilot and Navigator graduation did not receive a designated role and were regarded as spare bods on a unit but would retain any commissioned status as GD (General Duties). NCO aircrew were treated rather shabbily and some reports show that they were reduced in rank.

    At the time,No 15 Squadron was based at RAF Mildenhall (No 3 Group) equipped with the Lancaster Mark 1 and Mark111.

    E G Lucy's RAF service record would of course indicate his movements and postings and dovetail into the information revealed on the thread.
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    Hi Vespa,

    The train ticket marked Malton Ontario suggests he was at one of BCATP schools located there. I did find a Sgt. E. G. Lucy, Liverpool England, on a November 1944 graduation list at No.1 AOS, Malton (Anson).

    ORB 1 AOS, Feb 44 to April 45 - Image 111 - Heritage Canadiana

    C-12329-Img 111.jpg C-12329-Img 110 .jpg

    No luck so far at finding an ORB for No. 1 EFTS (Moth) at Malton.

    Regards ...

    Added - Oh shoot I just realized you already have this info in post No. 6.
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    I have a Pat Rooney drawing of my father drawn in 1937 when he was just 13. I have seen from posts that Pat came from Essex but my father lived in Blackpool so I don't know how they came together and why he sketched my father. Information about Pat Rooney seems very scarce and any links or addresses included seems to lead to dead ends because of the age of the posts, so any information anybody can add would be very welcome.
    Ian Adamson

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