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Canadian Army photos on contact sheets

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    Canadian Photo Albums PDF - Canadian Army photos on contact sheets

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    Only interested in the NWE June-Sept albums and some of them are scanned is really low resolution and others quite good. I guess it all depends on who got the job of scanning. I can not be 100% sure but I am of the opinion this is not every photo they took. I have yet to find the original of this photo and I know for certain it is Canadian because a cine film of the exact same men/location exists. Cagny  88 H KKE H  .jpg
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    Just for your information:

    Department of National Defence (DND) photograph collection

    This collection (accession number 1967-052) is arranged in two series:
    • Army numerical series
    • Army, Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) alphanumeric series
    The collection has approximately 600,000 negatives. It documents:
    • Canadian military activities from 1919 to 1938
    • training, operations, and equipment of the Canadian Army, the RCN, and the RCAF in Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy and northwest Europe from 1939 to 1945
    • Canada's participation in the Korean War, and its North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) commitments until 1955
    Faces of the Second World War - Library and Archives Canada

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