Capt. Douglas M. Bell, 2nd. Bn. K.O.S.B.

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    Douglas Bell is another of the names on the Perth Academy War Memorial, and I would be very grateful for any information on him, or the 2nd. Bn. K.O.S.B. around October 1943.

    I have included below the information from the CWGC. The only other information I have is a brief entry in the Roll of Honour of Edinburgh University: MA 1938. Captain KOSB. Died of wounds received on fighting patrol in Burma, October 1943. Old College War Memorial.

    Initials: D. M.
    Nationality: United Kingdom
    Rank: Captain
    Regiment/Service: King’s Own Scottish Borderers
    Unit: 2nd Bn.
    Age: 27
    Date of Death: 28/10/1943
    Service No: 99948
    Additional information: Son of John and Jean A. Bell, Bankfoot, Perthshire.
    Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
    Grave/Memorial Reference: Face 10

    Many thanks,
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    Douglas Bell was recorded on three Army Casualty Lists:

    List No. 1289 Dated 12 November 1943
    Missing, date not reported

    List No. 1309 Dated 6 December 1943
    Previously reported missing, date not reported, now reported missing believed Prisoner of War, 28.10.43

    List No. 1996 Dated 26 February 1946
    Previously reported Missing believed Prisoner of War 28.10.43 now presumed killed in Action, 28.10.43
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    Thanks very much for the information.

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    See attached a casualty report by a recovered POW from the 2 KOSB in regards two of his comrades from late October 1943. The battalion were serving near Maungdaw in the Arakan region of Burma at that time.

    Attached Files:

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    Thank you once again for your help.

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    DSCF3694A.jpg DSCF3695A.jpg DSCF3696A.jpg DSCF3697A.jpg DSCF3704A.jpg DSCF3705A.jpg

    I have this from the 2 KOSB War Diary, which fills in a bit of detail:-
    He first appears on the Officers Return as Lt DM Bell in June 43 and as A/Capt the following month when the Bn was at Piska Camp, Ranchi, NE India. Not sure where he was before that. By October, they were in the Arakan (Wabyin). The diaries for October are attached (excuse the quality) together with a report on Capt Bell's last patrol.
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    That's brilliant, thanks very much! No apology required as to the quality of the war diaries. I can get everything I need from them.

    I can't thank the members of this forum enough. Never fail to get an answer to my questions.

    Cheers all,
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    Great images of the War diary Adam.

    Thought I'd weigh-in with a little map too Dave.:)

    Waybin NF46:14.jpg
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    I've run out of superlatives! Just thanks again for all the help.
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    Good heavens, me ol' Bamboo... well south of your usual stamping ground... :D
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    Flexibility is the key HC.:) To be truthful, I only have these bits and pieces from following the 3/2 Gurkhas after their stint in Chindit 1 and that there were some 2 KOSB's in Rangoon Jail.
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    My present fun is just wrangling the finer points of my 230 stuff... braver man than I... ;) (ps presently in Lewis... again...:D)

    Forgot to add/question... those ever-so-useful UofTex CIA maps, again...?
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