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  1. I am looking for information about this American doctor who joined the RAMC in WWII. I know he was KIA in 1942 in Egypt, and that he was attached to the Durham Light Infantry. I would dearly like to know when and why he joined the RAMC, and if possible, how he died. Does anyone have such information? Or can anyone tell me where to find it?
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    It's possible the Corps journal might have an obituary so try their museum - the Museum of the Army Medical Services?
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    UK, Army Roll of Honour, 1939-1945
    Name: Edward Stone
    Given Initials: E R
    Rank: Captain
    Death Date: 2 Nov 1942
    Number: 211095
    Birth Place: U.S.A
    Residence: U.S.A
    Branch at Enlistment: Other Corps
    Theatre of War: Middle East
    Regiment at Death: Royal Army Medical Corps
    Branch at Death: Other Corps

    Edward Raymond Stone
    Birth: 21 Dec 1910 - Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA
    Death: 2 November 1942 (2 Nov 1942)
    Marriage: 27 May 1939 - Alexandria, Virginia, USA
    Spouse: Elmina Bernice Nankivell
    F: Edward Raymond Stone
    M: Margaret Castle

    England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966, 1973-1995
    Name: Edward Raymond Stone
    Death Date: 2 Nov 1942
    Death Place: USA
    Probate Date: 16 Feb 1946
    Registry: Llandudno

    I dont have access to USA records, however it does seem to say that his emlistment documents for the US Military were despatched, but he may already have been in the UK, I note his residence in 1941 is UK

    U.S. WWII Draft Cards Young Men, 1940-1947
    Edward Raymond Stone

    Seems you may need to access USA records to find out if he trained in USA then came to UK or .................

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    The RAMC actually has a USA section

    U.S.A. Section.
    The undermentioned to be Lts.: —
    20th Aug. 1941: — James Dunlop Mac. CALLUM, M.D. (205848) (Buffalo).
    26th Aug. 1941: — Arthur Max HOLMAN, M.D. (205847) (Wisconsin).
    29th Aug. 1941: — Edward Raymond STONE, M.D. (211095) (Georgetown Medical School).
    Richard Cornelius MURPHY, M.D. (211096) (George Washington).

    So it would seem he 'qualified' in Georgetown before shipping over to the UK


    Book Two 1939-1945 | Royal Army Medical Corps Book of Remembrance
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    Once, from his Service Record, you establish the DLI battalion that he was attached to, the next thing to do is get hold of the War Diaries for Nov 42 for that battalion. Being an officer, I very strongly suspect that he will be mentioned. Battalions did not lose their Regt Med Offr every day!


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    Afternoon Karen,

    There is already a thread about this man; link: El Alamein, Operation Supercharge - USA involvement

    Running with your theme of the 51st (Highland) Division, Capt. Stone was killed during Operation Supercharge, which was an assault by the 151st Infantry Brigade, 50th (Northumbrian) Division (which was Stone’s Division) and the 152nd Infantry Brigade, 51st (Highland) Division. There is a connection, sort of...

    Happy reading!


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  8. Thanks so much for the information! Every bit helps.
  9. This just gives me goosebumps! Thanks!!

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